Plane noise takes off in fall

Fall — it's the season when leaves change color, the weather gets cooler and more airplanes fly overhead. Wait, what? When wind direction shifts in autumn, air traffic from Portland International Airport also shifts, causing some people in Clark County, who didn't hear a peep of aircraft noise in the summer, to get an earful.

Former Clark County rivals Zalk, Haynes step up for Central Washington

Jesse Zalk is a receiver who leaves defenders grabbing at air. Kevin Haynes is a linebacker that knocks the wind out of opponents. Together, they have been the perfect storm for a young Central Washington University football team.

Gabby Giffords speaking in Seattle for gun control

SEATTLE — Former Arizona Congresswoman Gabby Giffords, who was wounded three years ago in Tucson, is speaking in Seattle on Wednesday as part of a cross-country tour to promote gun control.

Clark County wage gap has grown since 2002

Clark County employers are expanding payrolls and the jobless rate is falling, but wallets aren't getting fatter, according to a new analysis by Scott Bailey, regional labor economist for the state Employment Security Department.

U.S. to track everyone coming from Ebola nations

WASHINGTON — Stepping up their vigilance against Ebola, federal authorities said Wednesday that everyone traveling into the U.S. from Ebola-stricken nations will be monitored for symptoms for 21 days. That includes returning American aid workers, federal health employees and journalists, as well as West African travelers.

Mount St. Helens' glacier caves explored

On a clear day, Mount St. Helens is the dominant feature on Clark County's northeast skyline. But hidden in its crater is a secret landscape that has been viewed by only a dozen people; they explored two glacier caves in June.


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There are 2 kinds of people in the world- those who like crispy chocolate chip

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