Adopt A FamilyPeople in Need

Single parent families. Grandparents raising grandchildren. Mothers laid off. Fathers looking for work. No money. No food. Everyone is hungry. Thousands of Clark County residents are barely able to afford the bare necessities, let alone gifts for their children during the holidays. Can you help a needy family celebrate the spirit of the holiday season?

The Columbian’s late owner and publisher, Don Campbell, launched the People In Need Program in 1979. He felt The Columbian, with its broad readership and spirit of community outreach, should be a positive force in helping the less fortunate in Clark County. Today, third and fourth generation Campbell family owners believe in the same founding principles of the program. Donations to The Columbian’s People In Need Fund are distributed to the local non-profits serving the urgent needs of children and families throughout Clark County, including The Salvation Army’s Adopt A Family program during the holidays.

You can make a difference in our community several ways:

1. Send a tax-deductible donation to: The Columbian People In Need Fund c/o The Community Foundation 610 Esther Street, Suite 201, Vancouver, WA, 98660. Please make checks out to Columbian People In Need Fund.

2. Visit the Community Foundation web site to make a donation by clicking here.

All proceeds from your donation will benefit children and families in need throughout Clark County. You will receive a receipt from The Community Foundation for your contribution.

3. Drop off your donation of toys for children, gifts for teens or gift baskets for a family at:

The Salvation Army

1500 NE 112th Avenue

Vancouver, WA 98684

4. Adopt a Family in need this holiday season by contacting The Salvation Army: 360-448-2880 or visit

The families for 2017:

1. Two parent family with the father only working and making just enough to keep a roof over their heads. Money is very tight for this family of 7 who need clothing and jackets this winter. Children ranging in ages 15, 14, 9, 4, and 15 months. They would greatly appreciate some help to provide a little Christmas cheer and warmth for their family this holiday season.

2. Mom and Dad moved to the Unites States not very long ago with their two young children. They are currently seeking employment. Mom and Dad request anything for the children as well as clothing for the cold winter months ahead. They have a 7-year-old daughter and a 18 month old son.

3. With no income right now, this family of 4 is hoping for some help to bring a smile to a little 8 year old boy and 7 year old girl this Christmas. Parents have requested nothing for themselves but share that having anything to help their children have a wonderful Christmas would be greatly appreciated.

4. Caring for seven children brings some financial struggles for this family. Mother and father have requested nothing for themselves but hope someone can help provide a little Christmas joy for their 3 little toddler girls who are 3, and 2 young boys, ages 11 and 9. Mother has requested educational toys for their triplets and Legos for the boys.

5. An unemployed single mother of three can pay her rent to date, but having enough money to do so in the near future is doubtful with Christmas also coming. Coats, boots and other clothing are basic needs for her two boys aged 12 and 8 along with a 10-year-old girl.

6. Social Security income for a disabled 9-year-old daughter is the only income in this home where mom raises two boys (13 and 1 year) as well on the $660 monthly check. Mom, unemployed and single, has found it difficult to look for new work since she needs to stay home for the children. Gifts and food this Christmas would help put the spark back in their holiday.

7. A mother of two boys, 5 and 13, worked until the end of October when her job was lost, and as she looks for new employment, she hopes the community will extend a helping hand in order to give the children a Christmas morning of surprises.

8. Medical difficulties with this family living on under $1500 a month create a large need for community help. Mom had to quit her job to care for her 10-year-old boy with Asperger syndrome, as well as her 4-year-old daughter. His income isn’t going to leave enough for Christmas expenditures for the family.

9. Mom’s epilepsy makes it hard for her to work, so she depends on a monthly public funded income to raise her son 9 and a daughter, 7. She asks for clothing for the children. Toys and food would also help this family enjoy a nice Christmas Holiday.

10. Single mom raising three little boys, ages 5, 9 and 13, on less than $700 a month. This leaves zero dollars with which to purchase Christmas toys and food for a nice holiday meal. Some help from the community can bring a nice day to the family on Dec. 25 this year.

11. Mom has gone through three surgeries in the past year, and depends on food stamps and an adult daughter’s income of $1,100 to support this family of six. Having a little Christmas help would be appreciated for two little girls, aged 8 and 3, and a 9-year-old boy.

12. Two parent household living on public support of less than $1000 a month. Food stamps don’t cover the cost of food for the month to feed four children and the parents. There are two boys, 10 and 12, and two girls, 8 and 9, who will be wondering if Santa will leave some nice surprises this holiday.

13. Barely able to pay the bills with a $2,200 monthly income, Mom is unable to work due to medical problems. Meeting rent and utility bills is hard, she says, noting that her husband faces shorter work weeks from December through February. Help would be appreciated for two boys, 7 and 14, and an 8-year-old girl.

14. Physical limitations keep Mom from working more hours, and Dad’s trade job isn’t steady, resulting in a $2,500 a month income for this family with two boys, 9 and 11, and a 5-year-old girl. Some help from the community for Christmas presents and food would bring smiles to the faces of the children– and their parents as well.

15. Single Mom of four: three girls aged 3, 5 and 6, and a boy 8, just want to have a good Christmas for the kids. The total income for the household is under $1,800. Some assistance from the community would help this family enjoy Christmas presents and food they cannot afford by themselves.

16. Single mom raising two young boys, but the pay is too low to cover Christmas gift expenses. She hopes for a happy Christmas, as she struggles to keep the family well and happy under difficult circumstances.

17. Mom and Dad are raising two young kids and teenager, but their income is limited. Mom is a full-time student and is working toward a college degree as she works full time. Dad’s job depends on the weather. They could use a helping hand from the community for a good holiday experience.

18. A single mother who has experienced domestic violence in the past, works very hard to take care of her 8-year-old girl who has some special needs and requires 24-hour attention, and a small toddler. She hopes the community will help provide a good Christmas for the children.

19.Mom does housekeeping which is still not enough to provide a joyful Christmas for her four children. She hopes someone will shine a light of hope upon her and her family this holiday season.

20.Single Dad finally struggles to pay all the bills and take care of his children that are getting older; ages 7, 12, and 14 years old, which he says can sometime be a little overwhelming. He hopes this Christmas can be different and someone can help bring a smile to their face.

21. After dad left, Mom was left raising five children all on her own– all boys. Some holiday help would be appreciated, as she works hard to provide for her family. She hopes her boys can get clothing and shoes.

22. This Spanish-speaking family of four is trying hard to survive. Dad says when he received his paycheck, it is already spent because it must go straight to bills and rent. They rely on food stamps to have food on the table. They could use some community help to make their first Christmas this year a little brighter.

23. Mom and Dad, have a very difficult to make ends meet on a month-to-month basis. Every month, is stressful because they do not know if they will have enough for the rent. Dad deals chronic illness and is unable to work. The income that Mom brings is not enough, and they worry that this Christmas will be another Christmas without any present. They have two children ages 10 and 11.

24. A single mother of two boys, ages 7 and 9, says she could use some help this Christmas season to provide a happy holiday for her young ones. She hopes the community can provide a little assistance this year.

25. A family consisting of a single mother and three teenagers, were recently evicted from her apartment, but are still hopeful because they are in the process of securing a new apartment. They do not have much, as they had to leave a lot of their belongings behind. They can use some help, especially now that the holidays are here.

26. A new baby is due in three months for a single mother raising a 5-year-old boy. She knows she will not be able to work for some time as she must take care of her newborn. She is looking for a helping hand from the community this Christmas season.

27. New to the area of Vancouver, Mom and her two little girls would appreciate a helping hand. Mom recently got hired at a job which she says she is very happy about and hopes to get a promotion after a few months. She says their journey has not been easy, but remains faithful that things will get better.

28. Mom and dad have a 4-month-old son to care for, and asks for clothing since baby has been growing out of his clothes quick. Diapers would also be very helpful. Mom has experienced post-partum issues and has been unable to work. Dad’s income is not enough to give his family the Christmas they deserve.

29. A single mother who speaks only Spanish but understands little English, is struggling to find a job that fits with needs of her three kids. She works two part-time jobs, because she has been unable to secure full-time employment anywhere else, but refuses to give up. She is in great spirits, and says she would gladly accept any help from the community.

30. Mom is living with relatives as she is in the process of finding more affordable housing. She is raising her 3-year-old son on her own. She is also a full-time student. Despite the difficult past she has endured, she is 3-years sober. She says her faith is has helped change her life for the better and is what keeps her moving forward.

31. Caring for two small children, this family of seven is facing some financial struggles. Mother and father hope someone can help provide a little Christmas joy for their children. Your help is very much appreciated.

32. With no income this season, this family of four is hoping for some help to bring a smile to a little 3-year-old boy and 4-year-old boy this Christmas. Parents have requested nothing for themselves but share that educational toys and clothes are some things that will be very helpful for their children.

33. Single mother, who speaks only Spanish, moved to the Vancouver two years ago. Mom shared that her minimum-wage paying job is not enough to help pay for rent and bills. She is in need toddler items, especially diapers and children’s clothing for the winter months ahead. She has a 5-year-old girl and a 2 ½-year-old boy.

34. Though Dad is working and making just enough to keep a roof over their heads, money is still tight for this low-income family of four. This family would greatly appreciate some help to provide a little Christmas cheer this season.

35. A single mother of 4, two girls aged 2 and 3, and boys, 7 and 8, has endured domestic violence in the past from two different partners. She is hopeful that the community will extend a helping hand to provide a good Christmas experience for the kids.

36. A mother of 3 boys, ages 3, 4 & 6, says that two part-time jobs are not enough to buy presents for her children. They recently moved to a new apartment and doesn’t have much furniture. With hardly any income, this family needs a little community help this holiday season.

37. This hopeful mom and dad say they have little with which to provide Christmas presents for their children, and ask for some help from the community. Mom and Dad and their two children ages 10 and 11, both boys, are not working and recently moved with relatives to keep up with rent.

38. A single mother struggling to raise two boys, ages 14 and 15, recently separated from a 20-year marriage in which she was a victim of constant abuse by her husband. She speaks little English and is unable to work due to a health disability, but feels blessed that her sister has lent her a helping hand and has opened her doors to her home.

39. Mom and Dad and their 1-year-old baby girl, are grateful for any assistance this holiday. After starting the year with an injury at work that left Dad unemployed for almost eight months, mom has been the sole breadwinner.

40. Single dad has been raising three little girls, ages 9, 11 and 14, for five years on his own. With very limited income, he hopes this Christmas someone from the community will help make it brighter. He says the biggest challenge is not having a mother figure in the home for his daughters, but say they are a good team and are there for each other during these hard times.

41. This mother of three kids, two twins ages 8 and a 7-year-old, says she just wants to see her children happy for Christmas. She separated from the Dad four years ago and says it has not been easy providing for her family. She does what she can to keep her children dressed and healthy. She mentioned she shops at thrift stores to be able to afford enough warm clothing for winter. She appreciates any help from the community.

42. This family of four: two girls, ages 8 and 10, face difficult times since parents do not have the money to provide the kind of holiday they would like the kids to have. Recently forced to move schools, because the children were bullied because of their clothing, this family hopes that new clothing will help bring cheer and a happy new year full of joy and confidence for their daughters.

43. A single mother of two boys, ages 3 and 9, says she could use some help this Christmas season to provide a happy holiday for the little boys. She hopes the community can provide a little assistance this year.

44. Mom and Dad are unemployed and hope they can get some help providing holiday presents, especially warm clothes and diapers for their 2-year-old daughter. They are seeking jobs and hope their lives are better soon.

45. There are three little ones, two boys and one girl, in this family which has faced financial hard times this year. Work has not been steady for both parents. Any help from the community would be appreciated.

46. Mom and Dad it is not easy with both just working part-time jobs with no benefits. They have two small ones to care for. They expressed that any help for their children’s Christmas, they are thankful for.

47. A single Dad cares for an 8-year-old boy and finds it very difficult and a daily struggle not having enough money to raise his son. Even though his job is in the retail industry, he says his employer will not give him more than 35 hours a week, causing a financial burden.

48. A single mother of five kids ranging in ages 9 months to 11 years old, she recently found new housing after being evicted from her apartment because she fell behind on her rent for a few days. She asks for any help from the community for the holidays as she is working hard to get back on her feet.

49. Grandma earns about $750 a month in disability and Mom just started her job in August to help raise two little girls, ages 3, and 4. With such a limited income for a family of four, they ask for some help in making Christmas a reality this year.

50. This mother of four children says child support and her part-time job at a restaurant is not enough to make ends meet. The children include three boys, ages 7, 10 and 11 and a 14-year-old girl, all who hope for some presents under the tree this season.

51. This family consists of a single mom with three daughters ages 12,11, and 10. She shares that she is attending school to advance in her English-speaking skills and hopes to enroll in a career training program by the end of the school year. With help from the community, she hopes her daughters’ Christmas will be good this year.

52. Grandparents took custody of four grandkids (14, 13, 5, & 4) earlier this year. They mention it hasn’t been easy because of their age and Grandpa’s disability. They humbly ask for help for their grandkids, as they share they do not have enough money to provide them with presents this year.

53. Mom and Dad say that they “are a family, like many, who struggle through the holidays during the winter months.” Business declines and that means no money for presents for their 3-year-old toddler and 1-year-old baby. They appreciate any little help they can get.

54. After moving to Vancouver two years ago, this family of five says it hasn’t been easy, but the love they have for each other makes it all worthwhile. Both Mom and Dad work, but say it is not enough with the high rent cost. They moved here with very few, and say they are mostly in need of clothes and some household items.

55. Single dad with a 10-year-old son, shares that he and mom separated after she relapsed. He wants to show his son a better life and be a good example, because he did not have anything growing up. Dad says he is proud of his son that keeps straight A’s in school and hopes that this Christmas will be a little better than last year’s.

56. Dad lost his job two months ago, and has been working odd jobs, when available, and is not sufficient for a big family of seven. He says he has not asked for help in the past, but felt he had no choice. His wife is a homemaker and stays home with the children, the youngest being 8 months old.

57. This Spanish-speaking only family hope that this Christmas will be a happier time for them, since they express that this year has been full of personal struggles. They say they remain hopeful that things will get better soon. Mom and Dad have 3 kids ages 2, 8, and 9.

58. Due to a disability, this single mother of a 5-year-old boy says she simply does not have enough to buy anything for her child for Christmas. Her son loves anything Spiderman and could use some new clothes and bedding.

59. Dad raising two kids (7 & 11) after losing Mom two years ago. He says remains faithful in God because he does not know where else he would get his strength from to face all the things life has thrown at him. He hopes that this Christmas someone can especially help with warm coats and shoes for his children.

60. Mom and Dad have a 2-year-old energetic toddler. They asked for help after Dad had been laid off for a few months and had to use up all their savings. Now they face hard times catching up with past-due bills and have no money for Christmas. Any help will go a long way for this family.