What are your favorite small Non-Profit Organizations in Clark County?

I am looking to do interviews with some local, small, non-profit organizations for my Internet Radio Show Inspired Clarity Conversations.

Who would you recommend I reach out to? What organization would you want to hear more about in a 20-25 minute interview?

Thanks in advance for your thoughts.

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Columbia Kids Cooperative Preschool in Battlegroun, Wa. Columbia Kids is a unique educational model in which teachers, children and parents work and learn together. Parents serve on the board, help in the classroom, provide snacks and raise funds, all of which keeps tuition affordable.

More importantly, the bond parents and families form through their involvement is one of our school’s greatest strengths.

This program has taught me how to be the parent that I always wanted to be. It has also given me the opportunity to become part of a community of parents in way that would never be possible in a traditional preschool model. This school is one of the area's greatest resources.

I am a dog foster for Must Love Dogs NW. We are a fairly new non-profit animal rescue that has made a huge difference in our short time. We are all volunteers who open up our hearts and homes for homeless dogs until we can find their new forever homes. We make sure all are spayed or neutered and up to date on all vax. We are always in need of more volunteers. You can check us out at

Marilene Cannon


I work with a group called Daybreak. They are a youth services provider and operate a small residential drug treatment facility for boys here in Clark County.

There goal is to expand to b able to serve outreatment patients and build a facility where they can also house young women.

Jim West

Two that have been really inspiring to me are Americans Building Community and Urban Abundance. Both are doing tremendous work in meeting the basic needs of families in Vancouver.

Americans Building Community have taken a lead in the 4th Plain Revitalization Task Force. They are involved in housing and green space development for that area as well as many other community based efforts (ally clean up, Tool Library, etc).

Urban Abundance centers itself around gathering all the excess food grown in Vancouver and then donating them to the One Life Food Pantry. They created a data base of all the fruit trees in Vancouver and then sent volunteers to pick the fruit before it fell to the ground.

Pretty amazing.

Wow. There are SO many vital and interesting organizations in CC that are worthy of your attention. I am going to second the votes for Urban Abundance and Americans Building Community. I'd also like to throw SHARE and the Columbia Springs Education Center into the hat.


We are new nonprofit organization (it took us over a year to get our nonprofit status). Our focus is on a student challenge K-college that will promote sustainalbe innovation and development and community livability. You can check us out at are in the process of revising our webpage now) or on facebook. We would love to sit down and have a conversation with you.

Allison Carlson


Well you have set yourself up to be busy. Already on your list are many many worthy non-profits. I am sure you will get many more. My name is Alison and I work with Must Love Dogs NW. I think one of us already got to you. We are a rescue and adoption organization. We are a 100% no kill (unless medical issues require it) family. We offer free and low cost spay and neutering to the community. We hold low cost microchip clinics. We also have fun events. We have had a wine tasting and dog wash for the last few years (perhaps more fun for the person than the dog...but). We have events in Esther Short Park. We we lend our backing to local businesses, companies, and people that have the same strong feelings that we do about the care and love of pets. We do do primarily dogs but we have done cats, rabbits, a parrot, and a hedgehog. Good luck to you and thank you for this opportunity to brag on our wonderful organization Must Love Dogs NW.

There is an organization called FISH. This stands for friends in service to humanity and they provide emergency food to anyone in need.

FISH is run by George Kaufer and an all volunteer staff. (including George They are located in a small facility in Vancouver (accross from the court house)where people can access the facility for food and they also provide limited clothing and pet supplies when available.

George Kaufer, the Director, is a retired government employee, who works full time managing the facilitY and is the most dedicated volunteer I have ever encountered. He should be recognized for his tireless dedication to the needs of the least fortunate members of our community.

You can reach him @ 360 921 8090 You should interview him.

Vancouver Food Co-op [ ]

Major progress has been made in the past seven months. Volunteers are working hard. We have a vision, that Vancouver needs a food co-op, because every community should have that choice.

I volunteered at all these.. CVAB,VAL OGDEN CENTER. I feel these are a great place for all kinds of mental help and classes offered to help you get to where you need to get a job or what ever your needing. They are ran by the same man and if you need questions answered you can have them all answered. It about getting out in the community anf breaking free to become more of you these two places have what you want.

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