Beaches Restaurant

Meeting up after a grueling workday for a quick drink and maybe some food has become a staple for many. And while many restaurants offer a Happy Hour of some sort, Beaches seems to have perfected the art.

At least according to Clark County: this is the fourth year in a row Beaches was named voted as the top Happy Hour spot. Beaches' Happy Hour is held every day from 3pm-6pm and from 9pm-11pm.

"Best value and choices of food items."

"A lot of food for a little cash. Great service and good happy hour portions."

"Atmosphere good food, good prices."

WINNER:Beaches Restaurant, 1919 SE Columbia River Dr., Vancouver, (360) 699-1592, and in the Portland International Airport.

RUNNERS UP:Lapellah, Tommy O's, Main Event, Roots


For the second year in a row, with the help of a Ruby and a Terminator, McMenamins was voted top Brewery/Pub.

Of course, a nice river view doesn't hurt, either. And, in Clark County, nobody marries beer and the view like McMenamins.

"Best brews and good food!"

"The VIEW and the BREW - a Terminator Stout right next to the Columbia. Doesn't get better than that!"

"Ruby beer-Delicious"

"Burgers, view, beer, wine, it's all good."

"Nice location and good food and drinks."

WINNER:McMenamin’s on the Columbia, 1801 S.E. Columbia River Dr., Vancouver, WA 98661, (360) 699-1521; McMenamin’s East Vancouver, 1900 N.E. 162nd, Ste. B107, Vancouver, WA 98684, (360) 254-3950

RUNNERS UP: Laurelwood, Mill Creek Pub, Hazel Dell Brew Pub.


When it comes to Nightlife and Fun, nobody tops the top theater in Clark County. Cinetopia was, according to the votes, THE place for good times: the theater received 200 more votes than anyone in the Nightlife & Fun section. It is the fourth win in as many years for Cinetopia.

For many voters, it was the chance to enjoy a night out at the movies without the, ah, pitter patter of little feet.

Said one voter: "No kids in the Living Room theaters - worth any price!!!"

Others felt Cinetopia was like a home away from home.

"Great adult way to escape and feel like home even though you are not 'at home.'"

Which wasn't even good enough for this voter: "Great pizza, good movies, and the best wines, and luxury seating, I wish I could live there!"

Hmmmm… maybe a theater/restaurant/apartment complex is the next logical step.

WINNER:Cinetopia, 11700 SE 7th St., Vancouver 98683, (360) 213-2800, toll free (877) 608-2800.

RUNNERS UP:Kiggins, Regal Cinemas, Camas Liberty Theater.

Big Al's

Football and (air) hockey. Rose Bowling and regular bowling. NBA Hoops and Pop-A-Shot. Root beer and, uh, just beer.

For three straight years, Big Al's has been the place to catch any number of games on any number of televisions. Football, basketball, baseball, hockey, soccer… the list goes on and on. Good thing Big Al's has a monstrous 8 foot-by-36 foot jumbotron to show it all (there are seven other screens as well). As one voter put it, "Biggest screens in Vancouver and incredible nachos! I make sure to catch as many big games as I can at Big Al's!"

And, if the run of three-straight best Sports Bar in Clark County titles isn't impressive enough, try this on for size: Big Al's was also voted the best Family Fun Value for the FOURTH straight year.

From their website: "Try your luck in our enormous 4,000 sq. ft. Arcade. We've packed in over 100 player positions with all of the latest and greatest video and redemption games that kids and adults will enjoy."

Big Al's also features all the food kids love: pizza, corn dogs, grilled cheese, chicken strips and more.


WINNER:Big Al's, 16615 SE 18th St, Vancouver, WA, 98683, (360) 944-6118

RUNNERS UP: Main Event, Buffalo Wild Wings


WINNER: Big Al's

RUNNERS UP:Steakburger, Allen Crosley Lanes, Cafe Sip and Play


With an extensive background in the restaurant industry, Brad Root has created an impressive menu featuring local products from around the Pacific Northwest.

That's just one of the reasons Roots was voted as the best Place to Meet Someone Special. The upscale dining environment invites couples to get a taste of the seasonally rotating menu and partake in Roots' outstanding wine list.

According to one voter, "The place just oozes romance. It's also pretty cool and will definitely impress."

WINNER:Roots, 19215 SE 34th Street, Suite 110 Vancouver, WA 98607, (360) 260-3001

RUNNERS UP:Rusty Grape Winery, Lapellah, Farrar's


In a very close vote, Lapellah edged out the competition as the place many voters would go for their first date.

With cozy booth seating, perfect for getting close, and an extensive wine list, Lapellah creates a setting conducive for getting to know someone.

At least, according to our voters.

"They are just the best - that's why."

"Eric Gross is the in house pastry chef and he always offers fresh creations of classic desserts with a new twist."

"Romantic, intimate setting and excellent service and menu."

WINNER:Lapellah, 2520 Columbia House Blvd., Suite 108, Vancouver, WA, 98661, (360) 828-7911

RUNNERS UP: Galeottis, Beaches Restaurant, Roots

East Fork Cellars

With the playful plea "Rock Out With The Cork Out," East Fork Cellars hopes to promote a "Different Winery Experience."

With an acoustically advanced venue -- and with a pack of Cellar Rats -- they may have just succeeded. Oh, don't worry, that's the name of a featured band.

A featured band that packs 'em in like, well, you know.

"Les Cellar Rats are a fun band playing rock and roll with a good show."

"Great live music, inviting atmosphere, fun crowd."

"The Cellar Rats rock the house!!!"

WINNER: East Fork Cellars, 24415 NE 10th Ave, Ridgefield, WA, 98642, (360) 727-3055

RUNNERS UP:Rusty Grape Winery, Brickhouse, Cascade Bar and Grill


Located just east of Battle Ground, the Rusty Grape Vineyard offers several events throughout the year, including free weekend Wine Tastings, Vineyard tours, Music & Art events, Summer Movies on the Lawn and Stompfest?

What's Stompfest? You'll just have to go hang out at the Rusty Grape to find out.

Chances are, though, it has something to do with wine. In addition to be voted the best non-bar hangout, Rusty Grape was also tabbed as having the best wine selection.

Washington Blackberry Wine, a 2009 Chenin Blac and the Rusty Grape Vineyard 2007 Syrah are just a few of the wines now featured.


WINNER:Rusty Grape Winery, 16712 NE 219th St., Battle Ground, WA, (360) 513-9338.

RUNNERS UP:Big Al's, Pop Culture, Esther Short Park


WINNER: Rusty Grape

RUNNERS UP: Niche, Roots, Cinetopia

By The Bottle

Also a winner in 2009 and 2010, By The Bottle's unique stash of pilsners and ales, porters and IPAs keeps the beer connoisseur in suds.

"Great for those of us who have traveled in other countries and want those great Euro and Asian beers," said one voter.

But if you don't know the difference between a Mondo Double and a Sinister Black, that's okay too. By the Bottle has a concierge service that can help you out, order a special beer or send out notices to upcoming events.

And, if you just can't wait to get home to try your new brew, By The Bottle also has Tap Room hours where hard-to-find beers flow everlasting.

WINNER:By The Bottle, 104 W. Evergreen Blvd. Vancouver, WA, 98660, 360-696-0012.

RUNNERS UP:McMenamins, Brickhouse, Mill Creek Pub