This database will allow you to see how local 10th graders fared in the 2010 High School Proficiency Exam, or HSPE. In grades 3 through 8, students took the Measurements of Student Progress, or MSP. You can view results for an entire school district or a school, see how a specific grade level performed at a specific school or compare how students in the same grade level scored in different schools or districts. You can also view all the records at once by simply clicking the search button.

Here are the percentages of students meeting MSP/HSPE standards statewide:

Grade           Reading  Math     Writing     Science

3rd Grade     67.3%     58.2%

4th Grade     61.5%     48.8%     58.0%

5th Grade     67.2%     54.2%     23.0%

6th Grade     61.0%     44.8%

7th Grade     65.7%     48.9%     67.6%

8th Grade     68.3%     50.0%     48.8%

10th Grade   76.5%     39.5%      82.7%     39.8%

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Note: Some fields will be blank, because not all grade levels are tested on the same subject.

Source: Office of Superintendent of Public instruction.

If any records are inaccurate, please contact reporter Howard Buck at or call 360-735-4515.