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This database includes the earnings of all Washington state employees who received more than $25,000 in payments in 2012, as provided by the state's Office of Financial Management. Earnings are listed for 2010, 2011 and 2012 and include base salaries, overtime, bonuses and other additional compensation.

The figures are not comparable to years before 2010, because the state only published base salaries prior to that year.

As in previous years, the 2012 top earners in the state were the football and basketball coaches for the University of Washington and Washington State University. Their compensation does not come out of the general state fund or from tuition and fees paid by students, according to the OFM. The coaches -- and all other college athletic department employees -- are paid exclusively with money generated from ticket sales, television rights and donations.

Almost all of the top 1,000 earners on this list of nearly 110,000 employees work for public universities and community colleges. A few dozen employees in the top 1,000 are medical professionals working for the department of corrections and health and human services, and financial professionals working for the State Investment Board.

These positions need to paid at this level so the state can attract highly qualified employees, according to the OFM.

Gov. Chris Gregoire is at number 1,072 on the list. She was paid $164,391 last year, or about 1/15 of the payments made to Stephen Sarkisian, the UW football coach.

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