Vegetation Management investigation

  • Whistleblower

    Kevin Gray, former head of county Environmental Services, files a whistleblower complaint with county human resources.

  • Landline audit

    Landline audit.

  • Cell phone bills

    Cell phone bills.

  • Time cards

    Time cards.

  • Travel documents

    Travel documents.

  • Purchase order memo

    Purchase order memo.

  • Invoice


  • Burgess interview

    Burgess interview.

  • Simpson letters

    Simpson letters.

  • Hendrickson letters

    Hendrickson letters.

  • Burgess response

    Burgess response.

  • Burgess e-mails

    Burgess e-mails.

  • Auditor report

    Auditor report.

  • Gray notes

    Notes from Kevin Gray.

  • Barron conflict memo

    Memo from Bill Barron.

  • Gray memo to Barron

    Memo from Kevin Gray to Bill Barron.

  • Whistleblower withdrawl

    Kevin Gray withdraws his request for whistleblower protection.

  • Gray to Burgess investigation findings

    Investigation findings.

  • Community guidelines