1. Do I have to subscribe to view content on Columbian.com?
    Yes, if you want unlimited access. There are a limited amount of articles allowed for free every 30-day period and some content does not require a subscription at this time.
  2. Why does The Columbian require a digital subscription to access online content?
    The newspaper business cannot succeed when it gives away its work. The costs associated with creating content are significant. The Columbian has been telling Clark County’s stories for more than 100 years. We hope to tell them for the next 100 years.
  3. I am a print subscriber; do I get free access to online content?
    No, but print subscribers are offered the best discount for all of our on-line platforms. Also, we provide our readers several choices in access and pricing to choose how they want to view our content, whether it’s in print or on desktop computers, e-readers and/or mobile devices. For those who need occasional access, we also offer a Day Pass for 24 hour access for $1.00.
  4. What is the difference between the e-Edition and online access?
    The e-Edition is an exact replica of our print edition. It is available for customers that prefer to read an online paper in the same format as the print product. Our online subscription allows full access to our website.
  5. How do I link my print subscription to my digital subscription?
    This form will allow you to link your subscriptions. If you are having trouble linking your accounts, our customer service reps would be happy to assist you. They can be reached at 360-694-2312.
  6. I forgot my password, how do I reset it?
    On the login page there is a forgot password link. Click on that and follow the instructions.
  7. Do I have to login every time?
    No, system updates will require you to log-in on occasion, but it will not be required every time.
  8. Can I use the same login information that is used for the e-Edition and basic access?
    No, you’ll need to login separately to those products.
  9. I am an online subscriber, why do I have to logon again to comment on an article?
    In 2011, we adopted Facebook’s commenting tools to facilitate conversation on all articles. As a result, you must use your Facebook account to post a comment. This account is not linked to your digital subscription at this time.
  10. Why is there advertising on the website if I am required to pay?
    Yes, we have advertising on our website, just like we do in our newspaper. It pays for only a fraction of our costs to gather and present high-quality news.