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    Anecdotes & Antidotes

    (Or – What disturbs me, and what I can do about it.)

    A few hours ago, I was pouring a cold-brewed Starbucks unsweetened coffee into a tall thermo type container. And when delivering my usual one packet of Stevia, I noticed something black seemed to fall out of my Stevia pouch, and into my coffee. It was about the size of a pepper flake. But before I could react, it sank with the remaining Stevia!

    It was something unwanted, foreign, and black. (I wondered if this was how the Tea Party felt about Obama) Plus, I was haunted by the distinct possibility, that black coffee infiltrated a small, pepper-flaked sized sector of dissolving Stevia, and something only appeared to be a foreign object, and I shouldn’t be concerned at all.

    What to do?

    I could dump the load. Dump the whole damn thing. But at 5 starbucks a pop, and at least 2 bucks worth in the cup, I opted out.

    I could strain it. But that would take a minute and dirty my strainer.

    Or I could simply stir it in, add my ice, and drink it.

    Long story short, I drank it.

    No ill effects to this point. That was approximately 2 hours and 23 minutes ago.

    Sometimes it pays to take a risk.

    Anyone ever drink milk after the expiration date? I don’t drink milk anymore. But when I did, I could never do that. I’d pour it down the sink. I don’t like heights either. Why there was this time…..



    It was a microchip. Now “they” will know your every movement.



    No problem on the sell by date for milk… it’s good for months these days! Unless it’s organic, but regular ultra0-pasteurized lasts waaaay beyone any sell by date out at the ole family farmstead. A friend who worked in the milk industry explained they completely disassemble milk- remove water – do stuff to what’s left – add back water (who knows from where), and presto, milk with a shelf life not in days or weeks, but years. Cream must be the same way, because we don’t drink much milk either, just on steel cut oats and cheerios, each once a week, but hubby uses cream in his coffee. It lasts longer than the date, but not sure how long. Only buy both milk and cream by the quart, and they do get gone before we’re required to dump it.

    But… I am a stickler for anything (!!) in my food or on my plate that does not belong there. So I’d be telling myself it’s roger’s microchip.



    Kidding about milk being dated for years… but milk is dated out at least 8 weeks. The milk I bought last week, Darigold 2% is dated Sept 16th.



    I use milk in my coffee, 2% and ALWAYS buy Darigold because of the expiration date. It’s the only thing I use milk for so it needs to last a while. Darigold has the longest shelf life, I’ve found.

    Also, microchip free.



    I felt a little dizzy 4 hours and 20 minutes after ingestion, but attributed it to cannabis concentrate.

    If it was a chip, it was mixed with other chips in my morning duty.

    Another day. Another adventure.



    Ooooh – Nails said duty!

    Well, might as well sink all the way down.

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