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    dee little

    haven’t started yet…snow days, snow over ice days….now it’s almost Christmas….
    but i HAVE gotten the phone stuff done…talking to my homeowners ins (USAA), talking to their business ins….

    your remodel sounds a whole lot more fun than mine :/

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    dee little

    don’t know about kitchen remodeling, but i have a suggestion if you want one of your exterior-wall rooms remodeled….

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    dee little


    ANOTHER one of us getting new cars for xmas!! i still have my 2004 Chrysler.

    thanks for the advice about contractors. i already alerted my ins company, USAA, and they said to use them if there are problems with the work that’s going to be done, and they will do what’s necessary with the other insurance co. i’ve been with USAA for about 16 years and they’re great, doubt they’d just throw away all the stuff i have with them just to weasel out on a homeowner’s issue….

    just wondering about the bathroom wall near the destroyed bathtub enclosure….the floor-to-ceiling damage is in a straight line like it was folded outward, and now i’m wondering if they also took out one of my load-bearing walls….

    just gets more and more wunnerful……but on the bright side, i may get a bathroom remodel done free.

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    dee little


    What a GREAT XMAS PRESENT !!!!!
    congrats ! :>

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    dee little

    thanks, drift !

    since you mentioned it, i’ve got a little personal story about my most-recent lapse in posting……

    recently one of the rollers came off my garage door, so i looked up a local repair place on Angie’s List. they were here in less than 45 minutes. top rated. certified. all A+++ ratings.

    they replaced the roller, then showed me that the springs were broken and needed replacing. they closed the door, banged and talked in the garage for about an hour, and TA-DA! my garage door was a good as a new one!

    they were two good-ol’ boys, as i found out when i mentioned (being of the PTSD persuasion) i needed to get some practice with my baretta 9mm. we talked, swapped stories, laughed, one of them hugged me, and they prepared to leave.

    i walked into the garage, and one of them joined me. as we were talking, i watched as the other one got into his MONSTER truck (huge tires, needed a ladder to get in, big honkin’ engine, biggest truck they make) and tried to start it.

    he turned the key, but nothing happened. he got out, opened the hood and touched a wire to the battery cable. truck roared to life.

    in gear.

    6 feet away from me.

    i tried to run, but being disabled, that wasn’t working too great. the one i was with shoved me out of the way and the truck missed me but brushed against my coat as it went by.

    and into the washing machine.

    and dryer.

    and custom-made deep sink cabinet.

    and the dry-wall, breaking a water pipe which began to fill the space between the two walls.

    it came to a stop in my bathtub.

    they were horrified, and rushed to find the water main (thank GOD i knew where it was), got the water off, then, promising to have it fixed immediately, they did some stuff which i don’t remember (almost dying’ll do that to ya) and left to buy parts.

    they came back with a dryer, a washer and the parts to fix the water pipe. about three hours later, i got water back.

    after they left, i went back into the bathroom. the drywall is cracked from floor to ceiling. both may be damaged. the tub is now above the floor. and it has the cutest rip pattern in the back you’ve ever seen.

    i filed a claim with my homeowner’s insurance, because they said they’re getting a contractor (i got the feeling it was a friend) to do the bathroom-related work and i’m afraid they may have done damage to the structure of the wall.

    now on to 3 independent estimates and coordinating this cluster-truck with the door people and their insurance plus contractor.

    when everything calmed down and it was bed time (about 4:30 am for me), i began to realize just how close to dying i had come. another first; i now know what physical shock feels like. i suddenly realized that i came a fabric’s-width away from being either under the truck, on the grill or a combination of the two and it would have been ME that was impacting the washer, wall and bathtub. couldn’t sleep for two days.

    fortunately, i have another bathroom in the master bedroom, cuz it’s gonna be a looong repair deal.

    so, how was YOUR christmas-shopping-time experiences…?

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    dee little


    been reading, but not replying….
    don’t you all just LOVE OUR NEW INCOMING PRESIDENT?? i know *I* sure do. not even in office yet, he’s done more to improve the country and help the workers than the outgoing WH occupant managed to do in almost a decade.

    from the VP Pence, to the Dept of Defense MAD DOG Gen. Mattis (aka “Chaos”), to the Admin of the EPA Pruitt all the way to the new Sec of HUD Dr. Ben Carson….not a lemon (or prog/lib) in the bunch! yes, it’s gonna be Some Happy Times.

    some more ruminations….

    don’t even care anymore, since the triple premium/double deductible hell of that socialist takeover of medicine will be history soon…so very, VERY soon….. :>

    the CWHO (current WH occupant) issued one of his ‘pen & phone’ end-runs around the constitution and ordered that workplace English rules were discriminatory, but requiring English-speaking workers to speak a foreign language wasn’t. good thing that EO will be joining all those others in the trash by the end of January.

    NOW we won’t have to rush out and buy any more guns, since we now have tons of time. all we have to do is lift the unconstitutional rationing of ammo.
    AND we can finally see the end of government-supported attacks on religion including the “free exercise thereof”.
    CAN’T wait to see the economy getting stronger and stronger and being able to employ all those college grads living @ home
    MILITARY will finally get the funds to return us to having the best damn fighting force in the whole damn world!

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    dee little

    The remark came amid questions about the fitness of Clinton and GOP candidate Donald Trump to hold the nation’s nuclear codes, but critics, including former intelligence operatives, told Fox News that level of detail about nuclear response times is “protected information.”

    and once again she demonstrates the utter disregard for our classified secrets. it just doesn’t end.

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    dee little

    well I had to come back here to correct my statement about my health insurance enrollment and no rate change. Due to it being a Cadillac plan (so the email notified us two days ago), ACA, and IRS rules etc etc, the rates are actually DECREASING for this year. DECREASING!!!!!

    Trump is a slimy predator and loser.

      HI LUVI.

    glad to hear your premiums went down. now i know unicorns CAN be real. you didn’t lose any benefits or get increased deductibles or co-pays, didja? btw, who’s your insurer?

    health and emergency surgery has confined me to my bedroom now, so i have tons of time to watch the election, the debates, the vice-debates, the commercials, the interviews…hey, wait. i wonder if there’s a ’cause and effect’ thingie going on here…..

    anyway, about your closing salutation on that post i quoted…

    trump is a slimy worm-class male. much like sports figures and other must-fit-in male humans, like the high school star football player. disgusting talk and worse thinking. he also is wildly successful in what he does, has managed to raise some damn fine kids with manners, drive, intellect and genuine morals.
    hillary is the polished insider, been-there-done-that-got-the-plaque kinda career woman. she knows all the inside tricks, keeps all the right friends, buys all the best power brokers and makes sure everything she needs to get what she wants, she has (like the press). but her world-wide reputation is of someone who will sell access to the white house to the highest bidder, someone who has created her nest in a charitable foundation scheme and found a whole lot of geese wanting to lay their golden eggs in it. she survives like the banks she gets payola from; making herself (and what she knows) too big to fail.

    now: if i was looking for a prom date for my daughter, trump’s ass would be clearing the top of city hall right about now. but if i’m looking for someone to trust the next 4-8 years of my country and my child’s future to, the choice is obvious. i cannot and WILL not vote in a corrupt insider for a second run with the Lincoln Bedroom.

    I cannot and will not give this country over to a mafia-esque cabal that has already allowed our secrets to be grabbed by our enemies, simply because she didn’t give damn if we were protected as long as her money-stream was.

    let benghazi’s ambassador beg and beg for more security, failed to answer the last desperate call at all, and just let them all die. and then, to show her true character, called the benghazi moms liars and said to the nation “at least no american lives were lost”.

    trump is disgusting, well, eleven years ago, anyway. and he takes any tax loophole that’ll reduce how much he has to pay the government, too. but honestly, doesn’t everybody? and being the head of a world-class business, that’s exactly what he’s SUPPOSED to do.

    but he thinks, plans. gets consultants to work with when he’s not absolutely current on the topic, like military tactics, economic plans and their various consequences, health care and how to secure our borders. a big plus is that he is the anti-hillary; an absolute outsider. world leaders will be unable to guess what he will do in any given situation, giving us back some of the advantages obama lost that we can use when negotiating or crafting military strategy.

    so, that’s why i’m voting trump. because we’re not electing a prom date to lead the country.

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    dee little

    you want to change the 2nd? do so according to the constitution, not according to current PC pressure.

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    dee little

    DRIFT….since you brought up the subject of news sources…….

    (remember you asked for it -kinda)

    Our constitution is under attack. Obama is leading it. It’s getting worse.

    While it can be argued that our entire way of life is under attack, we can handle that, as long as we have the Constitution. Our current situation is such that we are being attacked from many sides, and each time one gets attention, we run there to defend, leaving the others vulnerable. It’s technique for losing.

    Our Christian religion, our ethics, our culture, even our language is being condemned and declared part of why the USA is such a horrible country. Only a complete repudiation of who we are as a people will ‘save’ us.
    Think about that. What we were created the strongest, most free country the world have ever seen. Our people were free to make good lives, worship as they wished, pursue their dreams and make their futures.
    We had good jobs for everyone who could do the work, and the largest middle class in the world. We were a stable economy.

    With our tax dollars and our ideals and culture, we built the strongest military the world had ever seen. We were the cops the world called when it all went to hell. We were the culture that fought and won wars against tyranny worldwide. Our religions gave us the judgment to always seek to be the good guys. We liberated; we didn’t enslave. We tried to set up better systems than those we destroyed, giving the people the right to rise up and take control of their governments to ensure their own benefits of freedom and liberty.

    Our country actually believed and lived our principles, down to the individual neighborhoods in our towns. And, because of that, we became the beacon of light to which all the world immigrated. And thrived. And secured the benefits of liberty and freedom for their generations.

    No more.

    We could do that because we were a common people with a common goal and a commonly-accepted way to achieve it. Our rule book was The United States Constitution and it was protected by a free press.
    It’s pointless to try and pinpoint just when the attack began; that isn’t going to be of help now. But we can say the press was the entry point.

    Somewhere along the line, journalists began to lose the demarcation between factual news and slant. It probably started around the time of Viet Nam. That was was a turning point for us, because we began to disagree with the power structure about what we were doing. A good thing. An American thing to do.
    It was then that the business of journalism began to change. Instead of reporting factually about both sides of the issue, they took a stand: War wrong, Protesters right. We stopped getting information to use to make our minds and instead got propaganda to sway us to the preferred opinion.

    The press advanced this technique, the schools adapted to it, and slowly we lost objectivity, replacing it with opinion. Voting reflected this. It began to spread, like a fire: elected officials acted accordingly, news concentrated on the growing opinions, then began to defame and condemn those who didn’t believe the propaganda instead of just reporting both sides objectively.

    And the fractured, warring, seething hatred we now live in is the result.

    Where are the people defending the right to object? Where are the news articles about their reasons? They are so despised they were made into demons. Not just wrong, but powerful, hate-fueled forces that must be utterly destroyed and eliminated down to the last person.

    The 1st amendment is no longer applicable. It no longer protects differing opinions; if you want to speak, you’d damn well better say what those in control want to hear. If not, you will be destroyed in the press, attacked in the streets and denied the right to even protect yourself. Laws right now are being proposed to legally punish you for speaking your opinions.

    If you want to practice your religion, you’d better do it out of sight. You must keep it as secret as you can, or the very laws enacted by this new ideology will crush you.

    The remnants of the old culture, those who didn’t buy into the news-fueled changes, are now The Enemy. Not a differing opinion, not the ‘loyal opposition’, but evil trying to destroy the new paradise. And they are treated as such: laws are passed to make illegal their actions, words and beliefs in blatant defiance of their constitutional rights. And nobody cares but those affected.

    Perhaps the most essential right we have is the ability to keep and bear arms; The Second Amendment. Only by having the means to defend ourselves do we have any chance of keeping our rights. And that is why there is such an absolutely total assault on that right. Water it down. Whittle away at its edges. Defame the people who defend it. Attack it so thoroughly that it will eventually fall, without having to go through that messy procedure the constitution set up to remove it.

    People, we have seen this before. The target was different, the tactics less sophisticated, but the intent the same. It can be summed up by the quote by Martin Niemöller;

    First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out—
    Because I was not a Socialist.
    Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out—
    Because I was not a Trade Unionist.
    Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—
    Because I was not a Jew.
    Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.

    Today, you agree with what’s being done. You think it’s a good idea to get rid of all that constitutional stuff because it’s just blocking progress.

    You’re fatally wrong.

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    dee little

    hey fellow music-philes
    i like janis, but i also like joan jett. go figure
    van halen could do stuff with a guitar that nobody else could…totally blew it away. but then he WAS a child prodigy..
    jimi is great, but i gotta be careful there….the ‘i’m stoned’ just oozes from some of his stuff
    like some queen, but stuff like Bohemian Rhapsody is like a sculptor remaking David out of legos.
    have to admit, death metal and good old standard heavy metal seem to be my favs

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    dee little

    thanks! i’ll try & find it. spent the entire weekend immersed in the past…AC/DC, Ozzie, Aerosmith, Van Halen, Journey, CCR, ZZTop…best time!

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    dee little

    ROGER: will hafta listen to some of her stuff. for blues/women, NOTHING comes close to Janis.
    currently preferring AC/DC,Ozzie, some metalicca and led zepplin. but then, NOTHING compares to the guitar of van halen…wish i could find instrumentals-only

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    dee little

    been under the weather lately and getting too much into ‘train kept a-rollin’ type music….some really esoteric stuff too. Pearl recording session outtakes…bluesy stuff…icons like aretha and gaye…certainly keeps one’s attention off Reality for awhile…..

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    dee little

    DRIFT: don’t remember you calling out posts that begin like that if they support your opinion….
    i just thought i’d mention it. think of it as constructive criticism, drift.
    or not.

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