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    “i did my due-diligence. USAA has been my ins for many years now. they wrote me a supplement plan ā€œNā€, and said Cigna was the choice for my med coverage (based on which tier my meds fell in).”

    Then your issue(s) is with USAA?

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    It was the DEA that did the recent drug rescheduling. Obamacare nor the FDA had anything to do with it. BTW, I take vicodin daily (have for well over 10 years) and other than the inconvenience of filling out and mailing a form monthly nothing has changed (before the change I could reorder from the V.A. online pharmacy).

    I’ll take this oportunity to mention whenever the DEA makes prescription pain-killers more difficult to abuse heroin deaths rise.

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    Today is the certification date.

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    Read the manual?
    But, John, I’m a rebel without a clause! We don’t read no stinkin’ manuals! Sheesh.
    (thanks, man ;^)

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    I think it’s a time thing. When the post came up after the second edit the option was gone.

    Oh, and thanks for the kind comment, nails (“inspirational”).

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    I don’t see it on my post options now, nail, but when the 3:50 first went up there was one to edit. I’d spelled “also” asol” and went back and fixed it. As soon as I wing this one off I’ll check for that same option (is it a time thing?). If it’s there I’ll note it.

    Truthfully, I haven’t a clue what full legalization would look like. Would one buy their crack cocaine from a pharmacy or a licensed outlet? Would it take some sort of permit to purchase heroin? I don’t know. I suppose that might be worth some discussion, eh?

    I’d go with the same laws for alcohol when it comes to the age cut-off. I’m not sure why to be honest. I mean a 17-year-old will procure whatever the heck they care to regardless of age restrictions now.

    I remember when I was a kid being raised on the Mexico/Arizona border it was said the drinking age south was however old one needed to be to reach and put money on the bar.
    I haven’t a clue if Mexico and a juvenile drinking problem then or now.
    The edit option was there.
    This was typed after the fact (so to speak).
    Too bad I can’t go pull the second ‘d’ out of “addage” in my previous post.
    Maybe after a person leaves the page the option expires? I’ll see.

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    (Points the rostrum toward the chorus)

    The thing is, we’ve been treating recreational drug use and abuse as a crime since the Harisson Act of 1914. Because of that, the old addage “crime doesn’t pay” rings hollow.
    When it comes to dope it most certainly does pay.

    When I write “pay” I’m not just referring to the billion(s) dollar trafficking trade, but also “legitimate” businesses that have jumped on the gravy train commonly abbreviated as the WoD.

    Though the Corrections Corporation of America (CXW) stock is down 1.12% as of this writing. I’m thinking something has gone awry when a state(s) has more penal institutions than institutions of higher learning.

    It’s been said ‘marijuana’ is the single most drug people seek assistance with with in counseling. Maybe it’s just that the 18 year old kid that got caught with a bag in his pocket would rather do the rehab thing than sit in jail for six months? And she isn’t alone.

    Drug testing has gone to extremes; fingernail, hair, blood, saliva samples? Someone is paying for the research going into the various ways to detect drug use. Do you think it could possibly be the very same people being violated in their persons? Maybe it’s the consumer who purchase products from corporations that institute such heinous searches? Regardless, there’s money in it, that’s for sure.

    Drug use and abuse should never have been characterized as crimes. What does it hurt if an individual does a line of coke, hit of acid, ‘shrooms, X, whatever a few times a year in celebration of a birthday, New Years, the solstice or just because they felt like it? Nothing. Not a darn thing, that’s what.

    What about the “addict?” You know, the scum of the earth? Isn’t that the way we perceive these people? As garbage? If they are garbage it’s because we’ve thrown them away. And what does that make us?

    How many crack babies are born because the mother knows if she seeks help with her problem as soon as she learns of the pregnancy she’ll be labeled a criminal and come under the watchful eye of The Authorities?

    How many drug related crimes are committed because we, as a society, have made it near impossible for a person struggling with addiction to garner a paycheck?

    What effect does a drug conviction have on one’s chances for gainful employment?

    There are those that’ll stand high on the hill and rant for every dime bag of coke sold on the street someone down south will die. I’ve got news for that “higher than thou” individual; the fact that the dime bag was illegal, cost the life, not the bag. If coke could legally be purchased the headless bodies and those swinging from bridges would plummet.

    Moderate recreational drug use (any) isn’t an issue of any sort or kind.
    Drug abuse and/or addiction is a societal/health issue and should be treated as such.

    If one takes the blinders off and looks around the world it becomes quite obvious nations that treat drugs as a social problem rather than a judicial one don’t have near the problems associated with doping as we do.

    Maybe this country is just a bunch of dopes?

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    Did someone say, “drugs?”
    Admittedly, this isn’t my best work. My only defense is that I’ve been a little disjointed of late (Heh. Ouch. I slay me! Heh. Ouch. Cough. Holy Cra..!;^).

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    Frankly, it’s my opinion Lou’s scribbles today were not only unprofessional, but in violation of the ‘ Jounalistic Code.’ If I owned the paper I’d’a never allowed that to be published. If I owned the paper and that one got by me I’d be giving someone their walking papers.

    I don’t read Lou’s stuff much anymore. I’ve had it up to here with “stupid stuff” and the M&M Boys slash Benton. Besides, just between you and me? I don’t think Lou writes worth a darn, no matter the subject matter (shrug). Today’s, er, uh, piece? just caught my eye is all.

    I need to go get busy with some poorly scribbled prose myself. If you’ll excuse me? Oh, wait! Before I go: Nails, can I hit that? ;^)

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    I’ll be leaving for an ortho appointment at the Portland V.A. in about 15 minutes. As to be expected the ribs are driving me nuts when I try to sleep (because ribs are like that).

    This has come at the worst time. I’ve two friends currently in the hospital. Being busted up makes visiting a pain.

    I was telling someone the other day, the worst part about crashing isn’t my injuries, it’s the damage to the bike. I’ll knit, the bike won’t. I just spent a ton of money on her last winter with maintenance, repairs and a few upgrades (sigh).

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    I’d left from Fried Fred’s (*a character out of a book ;^) in Forest Grove with some other riders. Two were behind me when I went down. One came to my aid, the other waved at cars so we wouldn’t get ran over.

    The EMTs showed up within a few minutes. I declined transport and a wrecker. The crew who was still at Fred’s came out with a pickup and loaded both me and the bike. The emergency crew stayed with us until we departed. Well, actually, the copper followed clear to Banks.

    *Fred goes by Wild Bill these days and he’s the proprietor of the Iron Horse Garage. We served together in the Navy (USS America CV-66).
    (new website still under construction)

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    No, I’m not in the hospital, I’m home. I expect a call for an appointment with ortho (leg and wrist) for later this week. I’m good, Hawk, thank you for your offer. My daughter lives next door. She’ll check on me when she gets off work at 2:00. I could use some beer and today’s loto day ;^)

    I was thinking maybe I’d get caught up on some reading and writing, nails. I haven’t posted on my blog for quite some time now. It might be a day or two before I pull something together though.

    An old racing adage: Crashing sux.
    So true, so true.

    Now, if you’ll excuse me, I think it’s time for my meds.

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    I hit a deer Saturday, out near Vernonia, while doing around 50 MPH.
    The deer didn’t make it. I did.

    I don’t think the bike’s too bad, though the carburetor was knocked clear off. I’ve got a broken wrist, leg and a few other places that are rather painful. Don’t you hate bruised ribs? Man, I hate bruised ribs.

    My jacket, pants and boots are toast. They served me well though, “They only need to work once.”

    I won’t be pitching shoes for a while. Dang it.

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    Two more bridges, Longview and Astoria?

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    I just watched an AP video about the “Hangers.”

    I guess they’re not in cliff tents. You know what I mean by cliff tent, right? The structures climbers hang out in on the face when the ascent takes an overnighter, or two.

    The stuff hanging off the bridge looks makeshift.

    Man, I hate to go here, butt … do they wait to ‘go’ ’til night?

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