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    Happy Friday the 13th!

    My last competition number was 13. I bought it from another racer for a beer and
    sold it (when I retired) for a six pack ;^)

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    No, I don’t believe you’re wrong, nails.
    Frankly I’m concerned this opioid thing is going to harsh my gig. I just ordered another batch yesterday.
    I’ve been taking small doses of Vicodin for well over ten years. Actually I take less than what the prescription reads. I’ve never “ramped up,” increasing my needs due to tolerance. Heck, I’m like the poster boy for the synergistic relationship between cannabiniods and opioids.

    I could easily request and be prescribed Oxycodone or morphine. They’ve been offered in the past and I’ve declined. My current program is satisfactory, thank you very much.

    I’m getting concerned I might lose the prescription because of the current issues.
    I suppose I could always hit the streets for fentnyl laced heroin…

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    Ya hear that? It sounds like crickets. Heh.

    That article hits most of the high spots, jj (snicker).
    For the life of me I can’t understand how cannabis prohibition, and the related fallout, has been maintained federally in this day and age. Oh, I get how for the various industries (prisons, drug counseling, etc.) the illegality is somewhat of a cash cow, still… Doesn’t science and common sense have any value any more?

    This schedule one thing is ludicrous! Especially since the federal government holds two patents related to a “drug” with supposedly no medicinal value. And again, let’s forget the medicinal aspects for a moment and consider the sociological harm of indulging now and again recreationally. I come up with zip: nail’s occasional stoned out ramblings not with standing (high nails!) ;^)

    It really is sort of a crime against humanity, isn’t it? Shouldn’t someone take the case to the international courts?

    It’s forecasted to be a decent afternoon. Maybe I’ll do some painting. Oh, BTW, I was busy with something the other day and offered the neighbor kid a couple of bucks to walk over to the parts store and pick me up a can of spray paint. He informed me he couldn’t buy it because he wasn’t old enough. When did -that- happen?

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    “Sickle,” Hawk. “Sickle.” …ride my motorsickle.


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    Yo, nails, here’s a little something for ya’ ;^)

    In Session

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    Hey, nails!
    I was wondering if all the meeses had left the basement!
    I’m headed for parts north come Friday. I’ll be spending Saturday night on Orcas.
    Wouldn’t you know it, my bike is busted and rain isn’t predicted. The last three
    years we were poured on either going or coming. The Brakeman will be riding in
    the truck with me as he doesn’t want to ride his scooter alone.

    It’ll be good visiting with my old shipmates Stone and Gator. While on Orcas
    we’ll be sleeping in Gator’s newly built barn looking shop. That’s all that’s
    on the property right now, the one structure. He says he has a bucket to…
    well, never mind.

    nails, have you seen the home growing proposals the WSLCB intends to recommend to
    the Legislature? I’ve written telling them “none of the above.” For one it dawned
    on me that any requirement for registration is a violation of the 5th amendment.
    Basically requiring an individual to admit to violating a federal law in order
    to be state legal. Ridiculous I tell you!

    Here’s a link to the info:

    I offered the following:

    As the subject line indicates I am offering my opinion on the proposed
    recommendations to the state legislature. Unfortunately, I don’t find
    any one of the three options viable.

    Any registration requirement basically violates the 5th amendment
    to the U.S. Constitution as it would incriminate oneself in the violation
    of federal law. See Leary v. United States.

    I would guess the four plant maximum is an effort to prevent diversion
    of the yield to the black-market. Though I understand the intent I don’t
    agree with the methodology.

    There is a growing technique called “perpetual.” Though The Board is
    likely aware of the process I’ll briefly describe it to ensure perspicuity.
    A cutting is taken from a plant during the vegetative phase of growth.
    After the viability of the cutting is assured the donor plant is then shifted
    to the flowering phase. This plant will be harvested in several months.
    The cutting will root and then become the replacement for its donor.
    A cutting is taken and then that plant is moved to flower. Hence the
    vernacular “perpetual.”

    Four plants (total) severally limits the above mentioned manner of propagation.
    I would suggest a six plant limit with the provision only two may be in
    flower at any one time. Actually, this is in line with several other states’
    laws, both recreational and medicinal.

    In a nutshell, my opinion is none of the three options posed are realistic.

    Which I suppose is moot as they didn’t ask about home grown options, but an
    opinion on theirs (shrug).

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    What kind of bike you get, Hawk?
    The engine in my ol’ pan failed last Aug. just this side of Bozeman. It’s weird, it’s like the flywheels
    shifted pinching the rod bearings. Luckily I was only doing a couple of MPH when it semi-seized. I took
    it up to Alex at Columbia. I don’t do lower ends.

    Unfortunately, on the 22nd it looks like I’ll be driving for our annual pilgrimage up to Edmonds and
    Orcas to visit my old shipmates Stone and Gator. I’m not about to let a busted bike keep me from going.
    The Brakeman, Face and maybe Uncle Touchy will be riding.

    I was just thinking of posting my Aug. trip report here (we spread Fried Fred’s ashes in Billings), but
    I’d have to spend some time editing out the foul language ;^)

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    I saw the Sun today. I wanted to do a little dance, but my skills are sorely lacking. So I jigged. Heh.
    When the Basement imploded I inquired. John got back to me and now, obviously, it’s fixed.
    But John also wrote its days may be numbered. Sigh.

    I -do- miss the days when we had a dozen or more posters. Another sigh.

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    A massive spam’er gumming up the works!

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    The other day I brought home zucchinis gifted me by a friend. And so it begins… ;^)
    If you like fantasy (with dragons!), jj, this is a good series:

    I wish the best for the SIL. Man, that cat thing is crazy!
    I’ve got four of ’em buried out back and I’m thinking that’s a good place for ’em ;^)

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    Dragons can be sooo silly.
    A Tatsu is currently nibbling on the Sun.
    You’d think by now they’d know it’ll upset their stomachs:
    after all, it’s the wrong type of fire!

    Rest assured, after they’ve had their fill they’ll be regurgitating
    it, leaving it no worse for weyr.


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    “…with fire and fury” reminds me of my neighbor across the way. We occasionally pitch shoes and he’ll typically start talking smack as he sits his beer on the picnic table. “I’m going to whip you with a wrath and a fury!” is a common phrase. I can’t tell you other phrases he uses as the game progresses, it wouldn’t be appropriate in this venue ;^)

    luv, as long as cannabis, and derivatives of, are schedule 1 any meaningful research in this country will be stymied. Even across the pond most of the work is being done with synthetics. The DEA, congress or Trumpet can change that at any time.

    BTW, it’s those synthetics (that were never meant for human consumption) that have become “Spice” and the “bath salts” (or whatever) that folks imbibe and then whack out on. A bit ironic?

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