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    The other day I brought home zucchinis gifted me by a friend. And so it begins… ;^)
    If you like fantasy (with dragons!), jj, this is a good series:

    I wish the best for the SIL. Man, that cat thing is crazy!
    I’ve got four of ’em buried out back and I’m thinking that’s a good place for ’em ;^)

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    Dragons can be sooo silly.
    A Tatsu is currently nibbling on the Sun.
    You’d think by now they’d know it’ll upset their stomachs:
    after all, it’s the wrong type of fire!

    Rest assured, after they’ve had their fill they’ll be regurgitating
    it, leaving it no worse for weyr.


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    “…with fire and fury” reminds me of my neighbor across the way. We occasionally pitch shoes and he’ll typically start talking smack as he sits his beer on the picnic table. “I’m going to whip you with a wrath and a fury!” is a common phrase. I can’t tell you other phrases he uses as the game progresses, it wouldn’t be appropriate in this venue ;^)

    luv, as long as cannabis, and derivatives of, are schedule 1 any meaningful research in this country will be stymied. Even across the pond most of the work is being done with synthetics. The DEA, congress or Trumpet can change that at any time.

    BTW, it’s those synthetics (that were never meant for human consumption) that have become “Spice” and the “bath salts” (or whatever) that folks imbibe and then whack out on. A bit ironic?

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    BTW, we saw two active fires on the trip. One near Lolo Pass and the other near Coeur d’ALane. Both had helicopters with water buckets fighting them. Man, I’ve been in smoke for near 11 days. At times it was as though the world was on fire.

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    Hey, luv, I’ve been out of town. I intended to ride my bike to Deadwood, SD but the transmission went
    south at Bozeman and I wound up being the chase truck driver. We left 7/31 returning 8/11. I’ll likely start wrenching on the bike today. I have a much shorter ride planned for the end of Sept. (Anacortes to Orcas).

    Check out this link:

    My answer to NK is to sit several U.S. Navy missile cruisers off of the coast. Each time Kimmie goes to play with one of his toys we shoot it down as it enters international airspace. I’m sure the Navy would appreciate the target practice.

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    I don’t think Sessions got the memo:
    “Reefer Madness was not a documentary.”

    Man, they came out of the woodwork to run for the city council, didn’t they?

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    Did you travel by train, car, fly, all of the above?

    I know you weren’t in Africa, but I recall taking a taxi ride in Alexandria.
    The driver drove, talked and honked the horn. Horns were honking all around
    us. It was obvious dude wasn’t honking at any one/thing in particular. I asked
    why he was doing it. He looked at me like I was an idiot and responded, “I’m

    There’s a lot of scooters over there, eh? I’ve seen where they sort of filter
    through traffic and even group up at the front at stop lights. I do wish the
    “American attitude” would allow such as that.

    It sounds like you had a blast. It’s good to get away from time to time, whatever
    a person’s definition of “away” might be.

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    Welcome back, luvy!
    Give us a trip report?

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    In the “When hell freezes over” category…

    It appears Pat Robertson is no longer enamored with our President and has even been critical of his political party.

    …or maybe, “When pigs fly”?

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    Andy Carson’s telling me it’s going to be a scorcher: 92 today with 100s coming.
    I suppose it’s time to peel out of my long johns. Today the top tomorrow the

    This shack has no air conditioning. Currently I have the windows open with a cool
    breeze blowing through. In a couple of hours I’ll close it up and hose the roof.
    This place doesn’t have an attic. There’s about 8″ between the sheet rock over my
    head and the asphalt shingles.

    There’s a rather large maple tree over the picnic table out back. During the day
    I’ll spray water up into the boughs. It works sort of like an evaporative cooler.
    Everybody says I’ve the coolest backyard in the ‘hood ;^)

    For those with pets, keep the water dish full, eh?

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    Congrats to the grandson, and you, too, jj! Were you ‘in character?’
    Actually, jj, that Sun quote? It’s more like this:

    Ecclesiastes 1:9
    What has been will be again, what has been done will be done again; there is nothing new under the sun.

    Just sayin’ ;^)

    Motorcycling was about maintenance, repair and upgrades. The Boy brought me a length of tubing for
    my transmission vent line. That helps to keep the water out. …saved me a trip to the parts store.
    The Kid (daughter) brought over tamales and tequila.
    Aren’t they just the best?!

    Now back to paying bills. Don’t you just hate that? Man, I hate that.
    Oops, there goes the mail carrier. Oh well, there’s always tomorrow. ;^)

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    I’d read that article earlier, nails, but I went ahead and clicked the link to check out the comments. There were 1,522 when I closed the window. They were coming in so fast it was hard to read what few I did because they kept getting bumped down.

    Yeah, Sessions is a real piece of work.
    Toss the bum out!

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    I see now, jj: protests, arrests. Kind of like Portland on a larger scale ;^)

    Yeah, nails, that Sessions is a real cut-up, isn’t he?

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    Something specific, jj?

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    I was once a janitor at a secret test facility at an Army proving grounds.
    The day we started (there were two of us) there were scorpions living in the
    bathrooms and bats in the stairwells. I can’t tell you what was being tested,
    because, well, then I’d have to…

    I was the physical plant manager when I worked at the hospital in Tohopah 30 years ago.
    Apparently, in this particular instance a stupid janitor wasn’t the hospital’s

    You’re welcome.

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