Play Golf to Enhance Your Health & Wellness

The other day, my 10-year-old daughter, was reading from a library book filled with short statements such as July 15th is "Cow Appreciation Day," or March 13th is the start of "National Procrastination Week." And finally, could we forget Orville Redenbacher's favorite, October 18th, the start of "National Popcorn Poppin' Month." I have to admit, many of these had me stupefied, if not laughing out loud, when I first heard them. Read more...

Monte Koch, PGA Pro

The Amazing Value of Health & Wellness's been an amazing summer thus far in 2012. It has even been hot, with triple digits here on the west side of the Cascade range, compared with our normal moderate temperatures here in the Pacific Northwest (PNW.) If you're like me, you've got the window down to cool off, and you find yourself glancing at the temperature reading in the car every once in a while, Read more...

Ready to REALLY Get Connected?

I'm sure you've noticed how the great technical innovations we've seen the past 20 years have changed our lives for the better...they have. But, I believe they have changed our lives for the worse, too. When we, as a culture, made the effort to "get connected" on our smartphone, our iPad or our netbook, Read more...

Thanks Dad!

As it is now US Open Golf week, and Father's Day falls on Sunday of the final round, I find myself being a bit nostalgic as I write this article. Golf has given me literally so many things that are tangible…a career and a way to provide for my family. More importantly, it is the intangibles that are priceless to me. Read more...

Escape from the Screen, "It's Okay"

Have you thought about golf as a family option for fun lately? Admit it, you just said "huh" right? No, I'm serious. These days, we're growing family units often distracted by “the screen.” According to the Kaiser Family Foundation's report in 2010, “The average 8- to 18-year-old now spends 7-1/2 hours every day with media, from playing video games, to watching TV, to surfing the internet.” Read more...


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