Volleyball matches: 30. Courts: 4. Hours: More than 15. Long days: 1 (very).

By Jeff Klein, Columbian sports staff



Volleyball matches: 30. Courts: 4. Hours: More than 15. Long days: 1 (very).

Welcome to the state tournament.

Given that most state tournament matches don’t end in straight sets, and that many of those sets are tight, competitive duels, is it any wonder the schedule can’t be kept? It allows 90 minutes for each match. Add in warmup time and, well, you get midnight volleyball.

Too bad each classification can’t have its own state tournament. As much fun as it is to watch so many teams in one place, the truth — borne out by all the orange empty seats watching this tournament — is that most folks come only to watch their kids or classmates play (and the number of students here rooting for their school is small. Students, after all, are in class on Fridays).

Instead of being a big stage these athletes deserve, this format for a state tournament lessens the significance of even the most significant matches.

(Read more of Paul Danzer’s entry on The Columbian’s high school sports blog — www.columbian.com/preps).

Michelle Wie is in the victory column, but how much should it count?

This LPGA tournament she won Sunday — the Lorena Ochoa Invitational — was not event a full-field event, but it counts all the same.

Golf this time of year is often referred to as the “silly season” when team tournaments, skins games and similar events start showing up on the schedule and on TV.

Wie’s win wasn’t silly to her or the LPGA. They’ll all take it.

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