Camas singer signs with independent record label




Camas singer Katelynne Cox’s holiday wish has already come true. Cox, 16, recently signed with Red Hammer Records, a Portland-based independent record label.

Red Hammer Records will release her first full-length album, “One Girl,” on March 22. Cox’s previous EP, “Unbelievable,” was released on her own independent label, KC Records, in 2008.

Signing with Red Hammer Records is a big step for Cox, a student in Clark College’s Running Start program.

“I’m really excited,” she said. “I feel so honored to be signed with Red Hammer Records. It’s a dream come true.”

Her favorite song off “One Girl” is “Me,” which deals with the idea of setting aside one’s plans and surrendering to God’s will.

Cox’s management team is sending “Me” to Christian radio stations across the country in hopes of garnering airplay.

“It’s an incredible song. It has a great message,” Cox said.