Flamingo decorations stolen from cancer patient

Friends put 38 in her yard, to cheer her up




Peggy Connolly wants her 35 stolen flamingo yard ornaments — obtained by friends to cheer her up while she deals with cancer — returned.

The flamingos were stolen Wednesday morning from Connolly’s front yard along Northwest 36th Avenue in Felida.

About 10 a.m. Wednesday, Connolly looked out a window and saw several boys who looked to be high-school age grabbing the flamingos and stuffing them into the truck of a small red car.

She went outside but, due to her cancer, wasn’t able to stop them from jumping into the car and driving off southbound.

“I yelled at them that I had their license number, but I didn’t,” she said.

Connolly is a member of former band moms who, in 2001, took their sons and daughters at Skyview High School to perform in Orlando, Fla.

After their kids graduated, the mothers decided to stay together as friends, and called themselves the “Flamingo Chicks” in memory of the birds they’d seen in Florida.

In December, Connolly was diagnosed with cancer and is undergoing treatments and surgery.

The other Flamingo Chicks decided to surprise her with 38 yard decorations, which they rented from a local church, for five days, in return for a donation.

When Connolly returned from shopping Monday night, her friends surprised her with the flamingos.

“These ladies went to so much trouble to make me feel better,” Connolly said Wednesday night. “That’s what made it 100 times worse, to steal something that was meant to do good for someone.”

Anyone with information about the stolen flamingos is asked to call 911 or the Clark County Sheriff’s West Precinct at 360-397-6079.

John Branton: 360-735-4513 or john.branton@columbian.com.