Blazer profile: John Townsend



Name: John Townsend

Position: Shooting coach

Age: 39

Years with team: 3

Job description: “To make sure everybody’s shots are on track. And if they’re not, what you do with the player to get them back on track. Whether it’s just a matter of coming out and getting shots, or it’s explaining what you saw that they did two games ago when they were on.”

Shot maintenance: “I keep track on a daily basis as far as what they do for shooting. Sometimes it’s a numbers thing. Sometimes it’s a routine thing.”

Keeping track: “A lot of it is watching and getting to know each individual player’s shot. Because Andre (Miller’s) shot is different than Rudy (Fernandez’s). And Greg (Oden’s) is different than Joel (Przybilla’s). So, I try to narrow it down to one or two tendencies when they’re on — what it seems like they’re doing correctly. So, when they’re off, I can just remind them what they were doing correctly.”

Most improved: “I think Martell (Webster) has done a really good job of establishing a routine on game days. I think he sticks out. I think Greg was on track at the beginning of the year from the free-throw line to really stick out.”

Roy: “Brandon has, for a shot that plays — meaning taking guys off the dribble — he can really shoot it. … And he shoots tough shots. One-dribble pull (up); coming off the pick-and-rolls.”

Favorite part of the job: “I would say a lot of it has to do with the camaraderie. … You come to work everyday and usually you’re working with the same group of guys — it makes it a lot of fun.”

How it started: “Six years ago they brought me in to work with a couple players. And then when they brought (former Blazer) Josh McRoberts in, they brought me back. … Then there was other interest from other teams, so it got to the point where it was kind of pick or choose. And because of my relationship with (assistant coach) Bill Bayno, that’s why I chose this team. Obviously, it was a good choice.”

— Brian T. Smith