Prosecutors union backs Tony Golik



A union made up of 39 Clark County deputy prosecutors has endorsed Tony Golik to succeed Art Curtis in this year’s elected prosecuting attorney race.

Golik, a deputy prosecutor assigned to major crimes, is among three candidates in this year’s race. Also running are Vancouver assistant city attorney Brent Boger and Clark County Chief Deputy Prosecutor Curt Wyrick.

Last month, longtime prosecutor Curtis announced he planned to step down at the end of this year.

In his presentation to the union, Golik emphasized his experience handling the most serious crimes, including homicides, elder abuse, gangs, sexual assault and other violent crimes.

“This endorsement means so much to me because deputy prosecutors are the men and women who prosecute criminals in Clark County every day,” Golik said in a statement. “Because they are in court every day, deputy prosecutors are in an excellent position to judge which candidate is most qualified to lead the prosecutor’s office.”

Wyrick made a presentation to the union, but Boger declined an invitation to speak.

Golik is the president of the prosecutors union but was excluded from participating in the vetting process.