Boat Mold a Boon

Yacht orders bring back jobs to Vancouver ship builder




The Port of Vancouver on Thursday unloaded a $2 million yacht-hull mold that was shipped from China en route to Christensen Shipyards.

The Vancouver yacht builder will use the 150-foot mold to build three $16 million, 120-foot luxury yachts for Seattle-based Ocean Alexander Yachts.

The shipment will allow Christensen to start work on the boats next week — work that the company is hiring back 50 of its laid-off workers to complete.

Combined with another $70 million deal to build two 160-foot yachts, Christensen expects to hire an other 50 employees with enough work to last the company until 2014.

The contracts will allow Christensen to pay vendors. The company last week sent a letter to vendors explaining they’ll have to wait at least 90 days for payment as company cash flow improves.