Becoming a young marksman



The Barracks was the first place that I lived, being born in 1947. We lived just south of the Hospital in a Duplex style building. The building is still there today, 63 years later. Being so young at the time it’s had to remember much. I do remember the snow, in the winters and the Parades they had in the summer.

My Dad, James T. Smith was a Master Sergeant of the Artillery Division. I’m not sure when they first came to the Vancouver Barracks, but I think it was around 1946. We lived in the Barracks for 4 years and then moved to the Five Corners area of Vancouver.

My Dad was still working there and did so for several years. During the fifties, my folks attended many functions and shopped at the Commissary.

In 1959 I took a rifle course and earned Marksman-First Class and Sharpshooter Diplomas and Medals at the Vancouver Barracks.

My Dad retired in 1953 from the Army but still had many friends there who remained long time friends. After Dad retired, from the Army, he still worked at the Barracks in the Maintenance Department for a few years.

I remember the Club House fire, but not for sure what year it happened – I think in the ‘60’s.

Thanks for the Memories,

Don E. Smith lives in Clark County.