He was on duty when Pearl Harbor was bombed



I was drafted into the Army 3-5-41. I was assigned to the 18th Engineers at the Vancouver Barracks.

The Parade Ground in front of Officers Row is where I had my basic training.

The Army post had a chain link fence around it. Only way to get around the post was Fifth Street that passed Pearson Airport. The other was Fourth Plain.

The buildings across the Parade Ground in front of Officers Row were used as mess halls. The barracks that housed the men are now gone. I was on guard duty at the main gate when the sergeant of the guard informed me that Japan had bombed Pearl Harbor. The order was no civilians allowed on the post.

The guard was located just before you cross the freeway, now known at Evergreen Boulevard.

The population of Vancouver at that time — 18,000.

Merle F. Bramhall lives in Clark County.