Post card shows message from the past



I am submitting to you a copy of a post card (both sides) that was given to me several years ago by my great aunt. It was sent by her uncle. He was Stationed at the barracks for training when he enlisted to go “over there” during WWI. As your staff well knows, the history of the barracks is long and storied. I myself was never stationed at Vancouver but was stationed at Ft. Lewis and many other posts while I was in the Army and feel the connection of service that an artifact like this post card brings to those who’ve served and the communities they served in. I hope it will be of interest to others, as well.

I will do my best to transcribe what it says:

Hullo ‘skinny’ how are you I am fine and [dandy] [hope] you are all the same. I sent you my clothes today by parcel post. Hope you got them. I am interpreting big time here I will write as soon as I can, your bro

James R Lux

Vancouver Barracks Wash