She was born in the barracks



I was born at the barracks hospital in 1941 and have lived in Vancouver my entire life. My birth certificate has U.S. Army all over it and is numbered 42. My father was a staff sergeant at the time.

Mother used to tell us kids about going down to the Parade Grounds to watch dad do his thing all the time. I think we used to live on Officers Row but can’t be sure about it.

About 4 years ago I had the opportunity to tour the old hospital with mom and see the room I was born in and the rest of the place. She used to tell me that you had to take your own diapers and crib and that when she went to the bathroom she was escorted by an armed guard ( I think she said there were Italian pows there at the time.)

I once visited a room next to the commander’s office that held post memorabilia and found a picture of my father. I was later told all this stuff was moved to the mayor’s office but no one seems to know anything about it. I would love to see that stuff again. I know it is not at the O.O. Howard House

I wish I could remember the days we spent at the barracks but I was too young. I now have to compensate by driving through there all the time and try to visualize what it was like when it was in its glory and full of soldiers.

Jeanie Duvall Hall lives in Clark County.