She was married in the barracks



I became employed at the Quartermaster Laundry at Vancouver Barracks in August 1942 as a Civil Service employee. The laundry did laundry for Barnes Hospital, Station Hospital … Vancouver Barracks, Portland Air Base, Fort Canby, Fort Columbia, Fort Stevens … oh, there were so many of them.

I started folding clothes, linen, etc. Then I was given the job to fill the orders that the military had brought in to be laundered. Boy, those bundles of laundry were heavy.

Marvin Foes and I were married on May 6, 1944, at the chapel at Camp Hatheway in the Vancouver Barracks, between the barracks and Barnes Hospital. We were kept busy at the laundry and many times I worked overtime working on the presses doing trousers or shirts.

Marvin Foes was discharged on Nov. 17, 1945. I quit work on Oct. 14, 1945.

Marvin passed away on Dec. 6, 2009. He was 90 years old and we had a happy and wonderful 65 1/2 years of marriage.

Clara E. Foes lives in Ridgefield.