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Newcomers: contribute your share

Reading the June 9 story “Boat owner’s patience taxed: Washougal man opposes state’s use charge for vessel he bought while living in Oregon,” I find it interesting that Roman York feels entitled to services here in Washington state without sharing in the expense of maintaining them.

As a longtime resident of Washington, I resent Oregonians coming here and complaining about contributing their fair share to maintain services. Do they think current residents like picking up their obligations?

Mary Renaud


Stagger work hours to reduce traffic

The June 5 Columbian story “Would Rose Quarter stifle benefits of new bridge?” refers to conclusions of a new study. The millions upon millions of dollars studying the Interstate 5 Columbia River crossing seems unwarranted and excessive.

The latest revelation about the Rose Quarter and also the Delta Park congestion has been the subject of letters in both The Columbian and The Oregonian and those many ideas are free for the taking.

There are those factions that want the replacement bridge but unless there is a comprehensive, integrated plan to relieve the I-5 congestion, it’s a Band-Aid approach.

If businesses would stagger work hours in Portland and Vancouver, the commute would not be as congested. This plan has been suggested before, but no businesses seem to want to cooperate.

Wilfred J. Hudson


Pridemore sets good example

I hope the remaining candidates will learn from the immediate and spontaneous standing ovation given to state Sen. Craig Pridemore, D-Vancouver, at the Clark County Democrats fundraiser held June 6. Pridemore had to bow out of the campaign for the 3rd Congressional U.S. Representative race due to overwhelming financial competition, but Pridemore’s strong support of health care, financial reform and environmental protections has earned him the hero’s award in the hearts of most of the Democrats in our region.

Valerie Alexander

La Center

Surviving debt takes smart voting

In her June 7 letter, “The ‘entitled’ keep on taking,” Carol Sage-Nellis was referring to well-compensated executives as takers. To point out their large multimillion-dollar salaries, she refers to government debt and shortfalls as “X” millions. Instead of arguing where entitlements are wasted, her letter cries for an understanding of government debt.

When Sage-Nellis says “Not a day goes by that we don’t hear that the federal government is ‘X’ millions of dollars in debt,” she should have said that the federal government is a thousand million dollars in debt times 13,000. Most of the states are tens of thousands of millions of dollars in debt. Cities are generally “only” thousands of millions of dollars in debt. Big cities are worse.

If our kids and grandkids are to survive the debt our benevolent governments are laying on them, the moms and dads and grandmas and grandpas have to elect fiscally responsible politicians, not the ones who make them feel good.

Greg Zilker

Brush Prairie

Drillers’ negligence is outrageous

I want to know not only why BP is so criminally unequipped to deal with disastrous contingencies, but how it is that other deep-sea oil drillers, such as the Atlantis rig, do not have solutions to offer. I want to know how vast the deep-sea reservoir is and how long it may spew if left uncorked, and where the undersea currents, carrying the bloom, are headed.

The U.S. shoreline and fishery catastrophes are beyond outrageous. But calculated criminal negligence on the part of oil companies has far-reaching global consequences. The clamor should be worldwide, and each of us committed to accountability and change.

Judith Dahlen


Expand availability of dog day cares

Seven years ago, we took in a frightened but lovable cocker spaniel. We could not leave him alone as he suffered from terrible separation anxiety. Fortunately, we were informed of a wonderful dog day care. Without the service of its caring and knowledgeable caretakers, this frightened little puppy would not be the dog he is today. He is affectionate, confident and a wonderful companion, not to mention an integral part of our family.

For working families, and those who need a facility for socialization of their dogs, dog day care is a perfect option. Dog owners know their dogs are in a safe environment where they have companionship and much-needed physical activity.

Vancouver is in need of more of these facilities, as many of them are filled to capacity. The expansion of this service would be a huge benefit to the community, and I am pleased that efforts are under way with Vancouver City Council for this to take place.

Marilyn Lungwitz


Alamo reference was appropriate

Ironically, Jean Terry’s June 8 letter, “Israel’s battle likened to the Alamo,” comparing Israel to the Alamo rings true but perhaps not how she intended it to be.

The Alamo was a fight over territory that had belonged to Mexico, yet was occupied by “Texans” who claimed it. Gaza had belonged to the Palestinians yet is under siege by Israel, which is claiming much of the land around it. While we want to support Israel’s right to exist, it is wrong to stand by and allow the people of Gaza to become beggars for international handouts. It is also a fact that Hamas was democratically elected — we may not like its tactics, but we need to recognize this fact.

Emotions run high on this issue, but the historical facts are clear. Israel was allowed to form a state on Palestinian lands, formerly under the Ottomans and after World War I under the British. The “freedom” fighters of the new Israel were also labeled terrorists by the British until they became the new heroes of the new state of Israel.

We have supported and condoned the suppression of the Palestinians because of our guilt over the Jewish plight for a homeland. It is time to learn the facts.

Lucia Worthington


Defense is matter of record

I would like to encourage people to read Israel’s record of what happened on the flotilla. I think these Palestinian-supporters were not interested in anything but attacking the Israeli troops. Israel should be allowed to defend itself as we would if someone attacked our country in a similar manner.

Please support Israel and encourage President Obama to do the same thing.

Daniel Eyk