Blazer Profile: Pam Donegan



Name: Pam Donegan

Position: Team concierge

Years with Blazers: 14

Her job: “When we get a player, what I help them do is transition into Portland … so they can concentrate on their teamwork.”

What is involved: “It just depends on the player. If you were to come to our team, I would sit down with you and ask you questions. ‘Are you single? Are you with a family?’ And just kind of show them the metropolitan area. For each player, it’s formed upon what they need.”

Marcus Camby: “He’s just such a wonderful player, and his family is incredible. That was just another smooth (transition). We’re getting such a great caliber of players that it just makes my job incredibly easy and rewarding to work with someone like that.”

The Blazers: “I have to say that I hear — because I only work for the Portland Trail Blazers — that (owner) Paul Allen goes an extra step for his NBA team and does a lot of extra things. And one of those would be my position: There’s someone that helps them relocate and transition easier. It’s something really nice that he does and has offered to his players when they come here.”

Previous work: “I’ve owned several businesses. So, I had my own business, and (former Blazer) J.R. Rider was one of my first clients. And after J.R., I went in house for the Blazers.”

The job: “It’s a wonderful organization. I love the job — never a dull moment. And great guys, every single one of them.”

— Brian T. Smith