Mountain’s blast heard in Roseburg




We lived in Roseburg, Ore., when Mount St. Helens erupted. My husband, Stan Wesolowski, was a pastor at Westside Christian Church on that Sunday morning.

Roseburg was a logging town, and it was not unusual to hear dynamite blasting when the loggers were working, but it was unusual to hear that sound on a Sunday. We were standing in Stan’s office and remarked on a blasting sound as odd for that day.

A few weeks later, we were talking to a friend who lived west of us some miles and he said he’d heard St. Helens blow. It was then that we realized that we also had heard the sound of the explosion.

The sound wave apparently made an arch, as Stan’s parents, Tony and Evelyn Wesolowski, who lived on Mill Plain Boulevard across from St. Joseph’s Hospital (now SW Medical Center) never heard the blast.