Enation’s music will be heard on “General Hospital”




Battle Ground actor and Enation frontman Jonathan Jackson will pull double duty on Tuesday’s episode of “General Hospital.” Jackson, 28, plays Lucky Spencer on the soap opera, and on this particular episode, his musical talents also will be featured.

The song “Eyes of Grace” off Enation’s “World In Flight” album will play during a “General Hospital” montage. “General Hospital” airs at 2 p.m. on ABC channel 2.

Enation features Jackson on vocals and guitar, his brother, Richard Lee Jackson, on drums, Luke Galeotti on guitar, Michael Galeotti on keyboards and Daniel Sweatt on bass.

Enation’s music has been heard before in films such as “Riding the Bullet” and on television shows including “One Tree Hill” and “Dog the Bounty Hunter.” This will be the first time, however, that “Eyes of Grace” has received national exposure.

“It’s actually one of our favorite songs,” said Richard Jackson, 31.

“Eyes of Grace,” available on iTunes, is a love song that touches on topics such as forgiveness, redemption and true self.

“It’s about hoping the person who loves you can see you as you really are and not just your past failures,” Richard Jackson said.

It’s a personal song, but also very universal, which is why it works well for the montage, Jonathan Jackson said.

“What’s cool is that the song is speaking over many different story lines and connecting emotionally with the different characters and relationships,” he said.