Hybrid crosswalk signal installed near Clark College



The city of Vancouver has installed a new hybrid crosswalk that uses a red signal beacon and signs to alert drivers to pedestrians crossing Fort Vancouver Way at Clark College.

The pedestrian beacon, sometimes referred to as a HAWK (High-intensity Activated crossWalK), is the first to be installed in Vancouver.

The new beacon is expected to command more attention from drivers than traditional yellow-light pedestrian signals, the city said in a statement.

When not activated, the signal is dark. When activated by pedestrians using a button, the signal moves through the following steps:

• The overhead beacon emits a flashing yellow light that changes to a solid yellow light, advising drivers to prepare to stop.

• Then, the signal beacon light changes to a solid red, requiring drivers to come to a complete stop behind the stop bar lines on the street. At the same time, a “walk” symbol is displayed to pedestrian.

• Next, a flashing “don’t walk” symbol is displayed for pedestrians along with a countdown indicating time left to cross. At that point, drivers will see an alternating flashing red signal indicating they may proceed with caution, after having come to a full stop and after the pedestrians have cleared the crosswalk.

Drivers are not required to stop when the beacon is dark, similar to a highway ramp meter that is not in use, the city said.

For more information about the crosswalk, visit www.cityofvancouver.us/SignalsSigns.