Letter: Extend laws to protect police dogs



I, along with so many others, was so saddened to read about the horrific death of Kane, the K-9 who was killed in the line of duty. I consider him an extension of a police officer, and was quite disappointed to read that his alleged killer will only be facing a one-year sentence, versus the possible 10-year sentence that was first reported. Judge John Wulle seemed to feel the same disgust, based upon his comments in the courtroom, and I appreciate his sentiment.

This heroic animal deserves nothing short of the same distinguished funeral that a human officer would receive and, hopefully, something will be gained from his tragic death. Does money need to be allocated for vests for our K-9 units? Maybe a second look at the laws are in order. Regardless, my thoughts are with the Clark County Sheriff’s office and all the lives that Kane touched.

Rebecca Lineham