Letter: Complaints are Cantwell’s own doing



Sen. Maria Cantwell, D-Wash., is complaining about high gas prices. Is there an election coming up?

She is one of six senators from the three socialist states on the West Coast who lobbied Congress to ban drilling for oil off our coast. She is pointing at “speculators” while she herself is to blame, along with her president, for high-priced fuel. We may have more oil than Saudi Arabia, if only we could deep-six the EPA and its devotees in Congress long enough to access it. We also have huge coal reserves that supply massive amounts of our energy that these green “grinches” are working on shutting down.

Our economy runs on petroleum. What is happening to our economy with high fuel prices is the same thing that happens to an engine without it. It comes to a grinding halt. These fools in the media who look at the “good side” of high fuel prices, touting “less accidents” and “less pollution” are showing what mind-numbed devotees to President Obama they are. What they roasted President Bush over, they praise Obama for, even when it’s 10 times as bad and he openly promotes it. These are not the goals of America-loving patriots. These are subversives with the reins of American power in their hands.

Will H. Matson

Battle Ground