Letter: Marketing drug manipulates the law



In response to the July 20 story “Medical marijuana signs sprout up: Placed around area by referral firm, they have attention of law enforcement,” there are two issues that disturb me.

First, I am troubled that a company can advertise access to speak with someone about how to obtain marijuana legally. Second, The Medical Marijuana Act was not designed for a company to profit by manipulating the law to enforce this misuse. Washington state must reconsider this law and address the misuse.

According to the state, the operators inform those who contact them their rights for marijuana, refer, and connect them to doctors if they have a qualifying condition. Because of this, people are potentially obtaining information to manipulate the system to access this normally illegal drug. The law is designed for people who have exhausted all other pain options. Washington passed a law for medical marijuana, not for a marketing company to profit from directing clients to doctors for this drug.

There will always be someone who will try to manipulate the law, but there should be no room for personal gain within this law.

Ingri Stephens

Battle Ground