Letter: New revenue source: gay marriages



According to a UCLA study released in April, there are 9 million self-identified lesbians, gays, bisexual and transgender persons in the United States, which demonstrates that there is a lot of revenue that could be raised in states that legalize gay marriage. Oregon or Washington could cash in if either state legalized gay marriage.

In New York state, where gay marriage has been legalized, a study released last month by New York’s Independent Democratic Conference found that same-sex weddings would generate about $284 million in economic activity, producing $26.8 million in tax and fee revenue in the first three years. If gays and lesbians in western states traveled to Washington state for a marriage ceremony, residents and legislatures should consider how much revenue that would generate in our depressed economies. Vancouver would be a big beneficiary as Portlanders streamed over the border for marriage ceremonies.

Arnie Heff