Congress reaches compromise to end FAA dispute



SEATTLE (AP) — Congress has reached a bipartisan compromise to end a partial shutdown of the Federal Aviation Administration that has affected some airport projects in Washington.

Senate Democratic leader Harry Reid announced the deal, expected to be approved Friday. Transportation officials say that if President Barack Obama signs the bill over the weekend, FAA employees could return to work and payments for airport construction projects could resume Monday.

The Seattle Times has reported that affected Washington projects include installing new runway lights at Sea-Tac Airport and rehabbing the air traffic control center in Auburn. About 200 FAA workers in the Puget Sound region have been furloughed.

The Spokesman-Review reports the Spokane International Airport is awaiting a $3.3 million grant to finish runway construction.

The Wenatchee World says $1.4 million in taxiway lighting and electrical improvements are on hold at Pangborn Memorial Airport.