Lewis and MDA mum on reasons for comedian’s exit



LAS VEGAS (AP) — Comedian Jerry Lewis and the Muscular Dystrophy Association aren’t saying why they’re fully parting ways after 45 years and more than $1 billion raised for the nonprofit through its annual telethon.

But the 85-year-old comedian told reporters last week that he plans to hold a press conference the day after this year’s telethon to talk about what he thinks is important. When asked by a reporter about his role with the telethon, Lewis said: “It’s none of your business.”

Candi Cazau, a Las Vegas publicist for Lewis, had no immediate comment Thursday about the association’s announcement that Lewis is no longer national chairman. Cazau says Lewis is traveling outside Nevada, his home state.

Calls to the association haven’t been returned.

Lewis previously said his last appearance would be this year.