Talking Points: More troubles for A-Rod



What’s the buzz from the world of sports? Here is some items that will have people talking:


Alex Rodriguez must be utterly determined to be left out of the Hall of Fame.

A couple years ago, he admitted to steroids use earlier in his career.

Now, he is being investigated by Major League Baseball for allegedly partaking in illegal high-stakes poker games.

Rodriguez might end up with 700 or even 800 homers. But if there are two things Hall of Fame voters frown on, it’s steroids and gambling.


Maybe it’s time to break up the Mariners. Since a club-record 17-game losing streak, the team is 5-2.

In fact, other than that stretch from July 6-26, the Mariners are 48-45 this season. Any chance MLB will just declare the month of July null and void?


Following his death Wednesday at the age of 66, it might be a good time to remember that Bubba Smith once was a football player. With a larger-than-life personality — and a larger-than-life body — Smith achieved even greater fame acting in Miller Lite Beer commercials and the Police Academy movies.

But he was one of the great college players of the 1960s and a very good NFL player. In a helmet and pads, Smith was more intimidating than Moses Hightower (his Police Academy character) ever was.

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