Letter: Instead of fireworks, honor veterans



Thanks to Paul Knight for finally addressing the July 4 issue from a veteran’s view in his July 25 letter, “Assault on senses escalating.” Our community is filled with veterans who fought for our freedom and lived through the bombing and horror of war. Some fought many years ago and some just a month or two ago. It seems so ironic that this community would choose to put our veterans through something they would rather not remember. They fought for our freedom, for things much more important than fireworks. We should celebrate our freedom and those who secured it for us.

Instead of spending money on something that lasts a second or two, like fireworks, how about visiting our local veterans’ facility. Take along a magazine or two and thank them for their service. Don’t remind them of the battles they fought for you, with firework bombs and missile sounds. How do you think our American Revolution soldiers would have reacted to what the citizens of Vancouver USA endured on and near July 4, 2011?

Kathy Baran