Letter: Sacrifice not evident in leaders



Possibly 535 Congress members will now realize that the voters grow weary of both parties and what has happened in this great country. Congress members are the ones who make the laws and approve all expenditures. The 535 Congress members need to forget about the next election, forget about campaign contributions, forget about their pay raises and their self-indulgent behavior. It is time that they remember that our way of life, and our democracy, is being destroyed by their actions, past and present.

Congress is continually asking the American public to make sacrifices. Certainly, mass job loss through outsourcing, wages being far less, poverty growing more each day, should fill that request. Yet these bickering, nonproductive 535 Congress members and party-line voters have not taken one step back. They continue to raise their pay and absent themselves from the halls of Congress.

It is time the voters unite and throw all of them out of office, starting with term limits.

The 212th Congress has shown that their adversarial attitude has taken precedent over the good of the country and its citizens.

Wilfred J. Hudson