Jaime Herrera Beutler’s voting record





• Voted for prohibiting use of federal funds for Planned Parenthood (Feb. 18, passed).

• Voted for prohibiting taxpayer funding of abortion (May 4, passed).

Budget, spending and taxes

• Voted against increasing debt limit (March 31, passed).

• Voted for 2012 Paul Ryan budget (April 15, passed).

• Voted for cut, cap and balance deficit reduction/debt limit bill (July 19, passed).

• Voted for House Speaker John Boehner’s debt limit/deficit reduction bill (July 29, passed).

• Voted for Senate-House compromise debt limit/deficit reduction bill (Aug. 1).

Campaign finance/elections

• Voted for abolishing federal financing of presidential election campaigns (Jan. 26, passed).

Civil liberties/civil rights

• Voted against extension of USA Patriot Act (May 15, passed).

Defense/national security

• Voted against removing troops from Afghanistan (March 17, failed).

• Voted for Department of Homeland Security budget (June 2, passed).

• Voted for prohibiting expenditure of funds in contradiction of War Powers Act (June 13, passed).

• Voted for limiting use of federal funds to support NATO operations in Libya (June 24, failed).

• Voted for 2011 defense budget (April 9, passed).

• Voted against reducing Navy and Air Force appropriations and aircraft procurement (Feb. 16, passed).


• Voted for repealing funding for school-based health center construction (May 4, passed).

• Voted for school vouchers for Washington, D.C. schools (March 20, passed).


• Voted for Energy Tax Prevention Act, which would amend the Clean Air Act to prohibit the Environmental Protection Agency from regulating emissions of greenhouse gases to address climate change (April 7, passed).

• Voted for Offshore Leasing Act, which requires U.S. interior secretary to conduct certain offshore oil and gas lease sales in the central and western Gulf of Mexico and on the outer continental shelf (May 5, passed).

• Voted for Jobs and Energy Permitting Act, which would eliminate EPA rules that have delayed oil drilling off the coast of Alaska and prohibit regulation of offshore air emissions (June 22, passed).

• Voted for the BULB Act, which would repeal 2007 law that requires manufacturers to phase in light bulbs that use 30 percent less energy (July 12, passed).

Health care

• Voted for repeal of Patient Protection and Affordable Health Care Act (Jan. 19, passed).

• Voted for repeal of paperwork requirement affecting small businesses in health care act (March 3, passed).

• Voted for repeal of funding for state health benefit exchanges in health care act (May 3, passed).


• Voted against bill terminating the Emergency Mortgage Relief Program, which provides assistance to help homeowners avoid foreclosure (March 11, passed).

• Voted for bill terminating the Neighborhood Stabilization Program, which authorizes Department of Housing and Urban Development to make grants to communities affected by foreclosures resulting from subprime mortgages (March 16, passed).


• Voted for prohibiting use of federal funds to provide step increase for general schedule employees (Feb. 19, failed).

• Voted for prohibiting use of federal funds for Transportation Security Administration collective bargaining (June 2, passed).


• Voted for prohibiting funding for National Public Radio (March 17, passed).

• Voted for disapproving Federal Communications Commission rules that would promote net neutrality (April 8, passed).

SOURCE: Project Vote Smart

Interest Group Rankings, 2010

(These reflect Rep. Herrera’s voting record in 2010 session of state Legislature)

• Washington Farm Bureau: 91%.

• Association of Washington Business: 90%.

• Washington Conservation Voters: 18%.

• Gun Owners of America: A.

• National Rifle Association: A.

• Washington State Labor Council: 10%.

Source: Project Vote Smart