Letter: Roundabouts hurt business



Let’s pull the roundabouts out of Woodland. I have driven in cities from coast to coast and I can tell you that roundabouts work well in residential and up to midsize commercial areas. They do not work in heavier commercial areas or any industrial areas.

Most truck drivers do not like roundabouts. Have you ever watched a truck with a 60-foot-long, top-heavy trailer navigate a roundabout? It’s not pretty.

Narrowing Schurman Way in an industrial area by six feet is not only stupid and shortsighted, it’s dangerous and detrimental to the long-term business outlook of this area. Once again, we see examples of the Woodland city leadership and planners not taking the opinions of those directly affected into account before making a decision, and we get to watch as their decisions either drive businesses out of town or prevent them from ever coming in at all.

I hope that this upcoming Woodland election puts people in place that can help correct the shortsighted path this city appears to be on.

Jeff Egan