Letter: Local farms not involved in recall



On Aug. 8, the Clark County Health Department issued an advisory statement to the public to throw out all strawberries purchased at roadside stands in Clark County or Southwest Washington because of an E.coli outbreak at a farm in Newberg, Ore. The statement said that berries from that farm’s U-pick operation, berries south of Benton County, Ore., and east of Multnomah County, Ore. were safe.

But the Clark County and Oregon health departments failed to state that the strawberries grown here in Clark and Cowlitz counties are not involved, either, and should not be considered in the health advisory. They are safe.

My family’s farm has sold fresh strawberries that we grow on our own farm in Woodland at the Vancouver Farmers Market, Salmon Creek Farmers Market, Battle Ground Farmers Market, Cowlitz Community Farmers Market, Woodland Farmers Market and at our stands in Longview and in Woodland. Our berries are not involved in any way with the farm in Newberg and are not included with the advisory.

Be sure to know your grower and buy and enjoy Southwest Washington-grown fruits and vegetables.

Erin Thoeny