Letter: New vision called for to face reality



The downgrade of our national credit rating is only the latest symptom of a cancer eating at the heart of America’s soul. Our governments, both Democratic and Republican, have been competing to see who can buy off the largest constituencies for decades, and it seems that they are beginning to run out of other people’s money.

Barrack Obama is probably the least competent president that we have had in my lifetime, but all the blame hardly lies with him. America seems to have forgotten that its strength once lay in a self-reliant citizenry tempered by a generous nature, which gave of its abundance rather than being plundered by a government, which saw only to its own longevity.

I cannot see where we go from here, but if the plan is that we will take more from people unwilling to give and spend to curry votes rather than help people help themselves, we will soon see that there is no foundation to that plan and no prospect other than ruin. Preserving a hollow facade propped up with extorted taxes and the faded power of our post-war industrial supremacy is not an option. We need a new vision based on reality. It will take an honest discussion to determine what that is. Are we capable?

Glenn Durden