Letter: Volunteer to help our vets



Drew Kenney’s Aug. 8 letter, “Do more for returning troops,” was well worth the time he took to write it. No question the government is cutting back on anything and everything it can, including benefits to our veterans who earned them. Also, his question about how many jobs the tax cuts have created is a good one. As scarce new revenues will be coming into government coffers, progressively fewer needed government services will be available to vets and others.

In addition to government services to our vets, however, there are several volunteer groups locally that are doing a great job of assisting our vets — the American Red Cross and the American Legion, to name only few.

There is also a new veterans service in the county under Human Services Council’s Volunteer Connections called Community Action Teams (CAT) that is just getting started for the purpose of filling in for or augmenting services offered by other organizations. I would invite Kenney and anyone else who is interested in working with CAT to contact the Human Services Council (http://www.hsc-wa.org/VolunteerConnections/) to assist our veterans with their needs in transitioning back into civilian life. Thank you to all who care enough to do something.

Keith Scott