Letter: Validate study before breaching dikes



Regarding comments by Charles Stenvall, refuge manager of Willapa Bay National Wildlife Refuge, in the Aug. 7 story “Herrera Beutler acts to stall refuge restoration,” the CCP public comment period on the three proposed alternatives hadn’t been finalized, yet the funding and contract were obtained, and the Corp of Engineers permit already applied for. What does that tell you about public input process? One big sham.

Nisqually refuge is now only holding 8 percent of the waterfowl it had before its dike breaching. The guess is that some of the ducks may come back, but we need to stop breaching dikes until we really know. When Stenvall said, “We can spend a lot of money managing habitat for species that don’t belong here,” I hope he was not referring to waterfowl, which this refuge was purchased for, with funds from federal waterfowl stamps.

Stenvall states the dusky Canada geese is not a protected species. Try selling that to anyone who hunts geese in Clark County. Those geese are managed and protected with quota. His plan to put a headquarters building on the pastures they use is contrary to the Pacific Management Plan, and against WDFW state recommendation. Stenvall needs to stop all this spin and to understand, like the congresswoman, that this country is in a financial crisis.

Arlan Hackett