Letter: Choice of participants skews poll



Raising the debt ceiling is over but the principle of truthfulness should be acknowledged. I am referring to the July 15 story, “County seniors sound off on debt.” It was a good story even with the misinformation from AARP.

What didn’t come off clearly was that the participants who voted in the poll at the AARP event were by invitation, many between 50 and 65 years old. They have the right to opinions about Social Security but they are still working, don’t consider themselves to be old and are not dependent on their Social Security income.

In voting, they were given five options from which to choose to reduce debt. These did not include eliminating earmarks and closing tax loopholes or eliminating stupid government commercials on TV, which teach or inform nothing, and the departments who design them.

Unfortunately, the results of the AARP voting have allowed others, and especially politicians, to draw wrong conclusions. The Columbian shows the 50-plus population is 102,000 with 44,000 retirees (probably 65 or older). To report results of 200 persons out of 102,000 is very minimal. It doesn’t reflect the opinions of myself and many of my friends who are seniors. We’d prefer truthful information for our politicians and truthful politicians to represent us.

Kay Nicely