Letter: Roundabout makes turning a struggle



I totally agree with the part of Darcie Wallace’s Aug. 7 letter, “New Park & Ride is badly timed,” about the roundabout on Northeast 10th Avenue between 134th and 139th streets. As a retired truck driver, every time I drive north on 10th Avenue I wonder if I were driving a 47-foot semi or a set of doubles, could I make it through that roundabout?

It appears to me that the people who designed that piece of road have never driven anything bigger than a pickup truck. How much less would the project have cost if they had actually given it some practiced thought? Four lanes — two northbound, one southbound and one for making turns. If I were still driving a truck, a four-lane design would sure make more sense than having to struggle through that work of art called a “roundabout.”

Doug Moe