2011 Clark County Fair by the numbers




Photos from fair's final day.

Photos from fair’s final day.

The midway was jammed Sunday for the finale of the 10-day Clark County Fair.

Fair Manager John Morrison said this year brought “almost perfect fair weather.”

Here’s a look at the 2011 fair by the numbers.


The number of Onionaire booths. Morrison said the family who owns the concession decided to take time off and might return to the fair in the future.


This is Morrison’s third year as the top boss of the fair. The fair also has a board of directors.


The percentage increase from 2010 for carnival receipts through the first eight days of the fair. Figures for the whole fair will come in later this week.


The number of year-round employees at the fair. Another 350 work part time during the fair.


That’s the percentage increase in food revenue from 2010 through the first eight days.


The cheapest ticket price for the five shows at the Sleep Country Amphitheater during the fair.


The number of food and snack booths at the fair.


The number of rides and carnival booths.


Top price for a seat at Thursday night’s concert with Mötley Crüe, Poison and the New York Dolls.


The age of the fair, which is older than the state of Washington. The first fair was a one-day event in Vancouver’s Esther Short Park.


Number of volunteers at this year’s Clark County Fair.


Four amphitheater shows average attendance was 2,500-3,000 people, said Justin Kobluk, executive director of the Clark County Event Center at the Fairgrounds.


Number of parking spaces at the Clark County Fairgrounds.


Nearly this number of fans paid to see that Mötley Crüe show.


Seating limit for the amphitheater shows during the fair.


The gate attendance Morrison says he expects when all stats are in.

Fair Manager’s Top 5

Fair Manager John Morrison has his own Top 5.

1. He said the number of exhibits and exhibitors, both adults and youth, was up this year.

2. He was pleased the fair offered a variety of free entertainment, including two shows each day featuring events from jousting to rodeo to motor sports.

3. Good weather brought the crowds.

4. Attendance was good. “It’s been on a climb through the run of the fair.” He’ll know exact numbers later this week and be able to say if 2011 attendance was greater than the previous year.

5. “We had a 100 percent accident-free fair.”

Morrison said his challenges include working with county commissioners to improve fair facilities and accessibility, pushing to have the amphitheater acts become a bigger part of the fair, and, remembering to “preserve the agricultural side of the fair.”