Letter: Special interests seem to be winning



As a voter in the 3rd Congressional District, I would like to know why our representative, Jaime Herrera Beutler, R-Camas, has signed Grover Norquist’s Taxpayer Protection Pledge, or any other pledge, for that matter. Does she represent us and our interests, or does she represent some professional East Coast lobbyist? As the former Republican Sen. Alan Simpson says, it is foolish to “sell your soul” and box yourself in like this.

“My way or the highway” works only in dictatorships, and even there, not for long. Our elected representatives have to be flexible enough to make the government work — and with differing points of view — this, out of necessity, means coming to agreement on a myriad of varied proposals.

Perhaps this is why Herrera Beutler is so lukewarm to the Columbia River Crossing project, infrastructure vital to Clark County’s economic future. Seems the thing will actually cost money! Ah, that dirty word “taxes” pops up.

I want to know: Does she represent Clark County or does she represent special interests back in D.C.?

Dan McNickle