Letter: System works against elderly



The average life expectancy of a male in America is 77.9 years. Many of us will live longer and need long-term care. Heaven help us.

My father-in-law, 88, served in World War II, contributed to the betterment of society, developed severe dementia and other ailments requiring 24/7 care and is currently being evicted from his care home because his finances have expired. His $1,200 per month doesn’t begin to cover his more than $6,000 of monthly expenses.

If you are middle-aged, start planning now. The “hoops” for VA and Medicaid are overwhelming. The time needed requires full-time attention. Interview each staff member and resident before deciding on a care facility.

Don’t expect family to handle everything, unless they are in a tax bracket where no one has to work for a living.

If you don’t take care of details in advance, reserve a “rubber room” for family members — they will need it following the abuse and disrespect they will receive during this process.

Inform your family that no matter how hard they try, no one else really cares.

Bridget Nutting