Letter: Entitlements go to all income levels



I read George Will’s Aug. 7 column, “His rhetoric couldn’t prevail this time,” and I didn’t need a dictionary handy to get through the ordeal. He was to the point, no fancy words unless you consider “entitlements” a fancy word. Entitlements is a word the conservative crowds have been tossing about the last few years to describe the benefits the government provides to the middle, working class, and truly needy of this great country. The manner in which they use this word tends to demean anyone who participates in any of the government programs that fall under the “entitlement” umbrella. What is strange here is the disconnect between entitlements for the middle, working class, and poor and entitlements for U.S. corporations and the wealthiest citizens of this country.

Will apparently doesn’t consider the over-the-top tax breaks, loopholes, and government perks to this segment of society entitlements. While this group enjoys their entitlements, sitting on the mountains of cash these perks allowed them to earn, they have not provided the jobs or a helping hand in getting this country back on firm footing. In fact when it comes to Wall Street, oil companies, and some in the auto industries, they’ve taken more than their fair share.

Thomas E. Martin